Are You “Wasting” Money With Your Decorating?

When I got today’s question from a friend I wasn’t surprised.

Mostly because the idea of spending money on beauty alone often comes tainted with a pang of guilt.

If it’s a functional piece like a coffee table, but also beautiful, we justify it as an investment piece for the future. We see ourselves as less wasteful, and we are right.

Yet what about all those pretty pieces that a house needs simply because they are pretty?

You might wonder “Do we even need them? Is that wasteful spending? Is it just something else I have to clean? Am I being frivolous? Should I be using this money for a higher cause instead?“

If you’ve ever felt wrong for buying something simply because you love how it looks, I think you’ll really appreciate today’s video.

As someone who’s passionate about creating beautiful spaces for living happy lives, I really appreciated this question. It gave me a chance to unpack some common misconceptions about my industry, the apparent focus on beauty, the latest trends, and its superficiality.

You might be surprised at my answer about whether it’s a good idea to spend on beauty or not.

Is the money and time you’re putting into decorating frivolous?



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Rach xx



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