Think You Suck At Creativity Or Style? How To Grow Your Design Confidence.

creative confidence


When you start a home project, you’re all excited, on high of passion and possibilities, thinking this is the best idea ever!

Yes! It’s exactly what your home needs! This DIY’s going to be e-a-s-y. And it’s going to be beautiful! You’re obsessed.

But then you hit a rough patch, it could be overwhelm at tile selection, no idea which contractor to hire, or a DIY project being not so e-a-s-y after all. Whatever the issue you hit, those challenges and complications start to turn into an unforeseen hot mess.

You’re enthusiasm dies and those little mean voices of doubt start to rear their ugly heads. You think…

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all? I’m just not creative. I have no idea what’ll look good? I can’t visualise how this’ll look in my home? A beautiful home is what other people with lots of money, a design degree, or those naturally stylish people create, not me.

Sound familiar?

It should. It’s a mental process almost all of us experience regularly when embarking on any new project (the best of us included).

If you’ve ever questioned you’re ability to create a beautiful home then this post is for you. You’ll learn a simple trick to generate creative confidence even if you have none. So let’s get you started…


creative confidence


How to grow your creative confidence

Confidence is about our ability to feel that we are capable of doing/achieving something, right.

It’s about believing in yourself and believing it’s going to happen (much easier said, than done).

However, there’s a way to trick yourself into creating this feeling, even if you truly don’t believe it’s possible. Here’s how…

You use the dreamy part of your sleep time just before you wake up and go to sleep to visualise that you’ve achieved that super stunning interior and feel how that would make you feel.

What if it was possible?

The key to creative confidence is your feelings. You want to carry that exact feeling around in your body throughout the day as much as possible.

Are you proud, happy, confident, joyful?

It’s not about imagining your home done. Detach yourself from that. Because imagining that during the day creates an opportunity for the critical mind to tell you all the reasons why you can’t have it.

Whereas in your sleepy state, you’ll talk directly to the subconscious mind to reprogram it.

I can’t stress enough how wonderful this simple exercise is at building your confidence (no matter what the endeavour).


Dreamy bedroom by Victoria Jackson


So tonight, when you lay your head on the pillow remember this exercise and imagine your home done, and how it would feel inside you, and amplify that feeling.

Repeat it in the morning as you wake.

Then, report back here how you feel. I’ll help you in the comments if you’re having any troubles.

It works on any area you’re lacking confidence. So if you know someone struggling with a lack of confidence in any aspect of their lives, share this post with the sharing buttons below.

This process is truly remarkable, and the more I do it morning and night the better and more confident/happy/strong/joyful I feel throughout the day.

I can’t stress enough the need to try this. Do it today.

So much love,


Published by: Rach Bryant

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