The number one question to understand your interior style

New year and a time of change. I am the type of person who likes to buy what I really love or not by anything at all so have been waiting on finding the right things for our house at the deprivation of my current self. Well this year I have set a task to finish things, and best way for me to do that is to set a deadline. April 31st to be exact. I will be sharing as I go along but first things first is to be super clear on what direction I am heading.And the number one question I have found to work out what direction to take is this:
HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR HOME TO FEEL?The two key for me are LAID BACK and CAPTIVATING.We are low key and chilled out people and I want our house to reflect that laid back vibe that we have, nothing that is too precious, or too perfectly put together. I want it to feel so relaxed and welcoming that you feel like your home and can just plonk yourself down or help yourself to anything in the fridge you like, turn on the tv and blob. Its the place where people want to hang out at, where kids can run around without worry, and everyone communes in the community.I want our house to be interesting: Expressive and artistic full of a mix of strange and interesting pieces put all together where your eye never gets bored. It references on art, music, and design, nothing is normal or formal much like ourselves, it juxtaposes a mix of styles and tastes, textures, it is bold and young and exciting and new and most of all uniquely us. We  are dynamic people who like change so it is only fitting that our house is just as adaptable and keeps our interest.So what does LAID BACK look like?

spacious   muted tones   solid furniture
Think, casual jeans, converse, and a clean white tee with beach hair as an interior…. get it?? Ok let me help you a little.
For me laid back is spacious (i.e not overcrowded with accessories), with solid furniture, and generally muted tones. The materials can be rough and textural or unfinished. In the space keep horizontal lines (as they are more casual), art not hung so or hung asymmetrically so it looks a little undone and not perfect.And CAPTIVATING looks like…
bold colours   designer items   metallics
Think bold statement jewellery. This for me means strong colours, select furniture pieces that make a statement (ideally some original designer pieces from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Some metallic bling, and controversial or bold/quirky art. Plus something with bit a humour and the unexpected (more me than H on this one). I will be bringing in music and art references, and picking up the quirky and kitsch thing along the way.So curious, anyone want to share how they want their house to feel?


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    December 29, 2014

    This must have got a little while to put together online. Thanks for sharing with us.