4 Days Till Christmas: How to Shop Sustainably For Food This Christmas

sustainable christmas food

sustainable christmas food

If you’ve had a tiny voice inside your brain, faintly crying out that you do a little more for the earth, and global warming.

It’s most likely been getting a lot louder lately, with all the press the topic is getting.

The good news is, you can easily satisfy that voice, and it won’t cost you any more time, or money!

Yep, you can actually save money, and end up healthier if you shop sustainably.

I dare you. Try it for one Christmas shop and see. Shopping like this has a serious feel good factor.

And if you nail it this Christmas, you might end with a new sustainable shopping habit. What a great kick start the new year.

So here’s how I do it without any extra hassle.


How To Shop Sustainably Without The Extra Hassle Or Cost

It all starts at your normal supermarket, with a couple of your own shopping bags.

So, you’ve arrived, headed through the bright light doors and into the produce section.

Now, instead of piling fruit and veg into plastic bags, simply pile them individually into the trolley.

If they need to be weighed first, stick the stickers on fruit of veg themselves, then pile them in.

Not much of a change from your normal shop there. Now off to the get the meat.

For my meat I ask that they weigh it in a paper, and I put it in my own containers, or a re-usable plastic bag.

I’ve heard anyways, that they put meat in those packs because you can’t smell it. And usually its the oldest meat that gets put in those. Yuck!

For the other items, look for products that come in glass jars with metal lids.

And buy the ice cream that comes in a completely waxed paper packaging, or for a proper ice cream shop.

Once a month, I shop at the local bulk buy store for dry goods because it has self serve quantities into paper bags.

But thats because our local, isn’t the biggest supermarket. You could probably do it all at your normal supermarket now-days.

For sweets and treats, I buy ones which come in paper bags from the local bakery I love, or simply the bakery section of the supermarket.

So basically you can do a completely sustainable shop, by being a little clever about what you pick up in your local supermarket.


sustainable food shopping bags


The key is not forgetting your bags for the supermarket.

I can be forgetful. So here’s how even I do that.

I simply put the bags and containers in the car now. Or leave them on the front door handle, so you can’t help but see them when you leave for the car.

I actually find that shopping like this costs me less than the expensive, overly packaged food you find in the supermarket.

And it’s more fresh and healthy too.

So give that little voice a drop of love, and do something that’ll make you feel great  this Christmas.

I’m looking forward to hearing how these simple changes to your normal shop make an impact.

After all it’s the tiniest changes that make the biggest long term progress. That’s a proven fact.

So start with simply taking your shopping bags, before you know it you’ll be doing a sustainable shop every time.

If we all do this. That’s a massive reduction in our overall global waste.

Especially if you share this with a friend who then does this too.

Much love to you and our planet,


Published By: Rach Bryant

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