23 Days Till Christmas: How To Accommodate All Your Style Personalities

multiple style personalities

If you somehow missed yesterdays post, we’re counting down to Christmas on the blog, and to do it, every day there’ll be a new Christmas style of various style personalities, as well as (don’t tell anyone they’re so good) tidbits for creating an outrageously good looking home, especially if you’re a multiple style loving girl. So lets…

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24 Days Till Christmas: How To Find Your Christmas Style, Quick

black and white classic christmas

  It’s almost here!! Yep, I’m counting down the 24 days till Christmas on the blog and it’s going to be a party. Wanna know what christmas style are you? Follow along over the next 24 days and get inspired each day with a new Christmas style. Yep, there’s gonna be 24 different looks dished…

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Un-Bundling: How to use more than one metal in a room, and still make it look good

brass and black metal

    You’re standing on stage in front of thousands of people, your heart’s racing, the TV lights are hot. You know it’s important to make the right impression. Your whole career depends on it! And then out of left field one of your fellow colleagues on the stage calls you straight out “low energy”…

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Poignant Advice Every Woman Needs To Hear


  Today I’ve got something special for you. A little reminder that should have you wanting to shout out loud a resounding… Yesss!!! After you watch it. It’s all to do with (c’mon I can’t give it away that easy)! And after the video I’ll show how this applies to creating beauty in your home…

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60 Easy & Outrageously Stunning DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make


    You know that euphoric feeling that you get after completing a workout? Well, if you’ve done a DIY project before, you’ll know the same abundance of joy of accomplishment comes when you make something yourself. Just imagine when when friends pop by and say “Oh I really like that, where’d you get it?” and…

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