18 Days Till Christmas: A Heartfelt Way to Make Your Home Feel Special (Part 2)


“It’s not the words, it’s what’s in your heart, that’s what the priest said to my grandma, when she cried, age 102, that she couldn’t remember the words to the basic prayers any more, tears sliding into her ears. Clutching and picking at the blankets. Remember what we talked about, Eileen? It’s not the words,…

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19 Days Till Christmas: A Heartfelt Way to Make Your Home Feel Special (Part 1)

a simple way to bring more emotions to your home

  We’ve all experienced how a familiar smell can instantly transport us back to our grandmothers kitchen in bright, vivid detail. Or how a blocked nose can leave you less than excited about eating, simply because it doesn’t have any flavour. While the sense of smell is no where near as glamorised as vision, or…

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20 Days Till Christmas: 10 Ways To Make Christmas Memorable


We woke up one morning to find brown footprints trodden through our house. We were shocked! How did they get in? Let alone not wake us when we were asleep? He’d come in through the partially open kitchen window. Which was high up, so it was a surprise that he’d made it in. I can…

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21 Days Till Christmas: What’s your Christmas tree style?


  Just like your Christmas table style, your Christmas tree choice can say quite a bit about you. So first, lets start with todays Christmas table style. We’re going a modern, minimalist, and glamorous today. Is it you? Then click the quiz below and see what your Christmas tree choice is saying about you. Its…

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22 Days Till Christmas: The Lie You’ve Been Told About Mixing Styles

22 days till christmas mixing styles

  Yayy! We’re counting down to Christmas and today is 22 days to go. If you have just joined us here’s what’s going down. I’ll be counting down the days to Christmas with a new Christmas style every day as well as giving you simple to complete actions to creating a beautiful interior and memorable…

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