How to match a sofa to your lifestyle – Part 2


So , the other day I covered how to find your style and showed some images of sofas fitting different styles, now I am looking at the second most important part for me, the Vibe you want to bring to your home. Its great if you pick something that matches your style but if you…

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Buying a sofa to fit your style – Part 1


Sofas are generally visually dominating pieces that can set the vibe and style of your space, not to mention colour palette. This makes it important to invest in one that fits your style and will continue to fit your taste for a while. When looking for the perfect sofa I look at four things: Style,…

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The tile to deck difference


So as mentioned the other day we have had the tiles changed to a wooden deck and what a difference it has made! Check out the before and afters below! Now we just need some great furniture to go with it because as you can see it is looking very ‘desert oasis’ right now with…

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Board games in Ibiza


Now, lets be clear Ibiza in summer is definitely not BORING! But in preparation for the quieter winter months it has me thinking about beautifully made board games for the living area. With a few glasses of wine with friends (or in my case kombucha) and a well placed board game it can open up…

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How to update secondhand finds – spanish prints


I love art but with all these walls that is a LOT of original art to find at gallery prices! So the other day I went happily along to a friend of a friends to see some of the things they were selling (art wise) since they were moving out of Ibiza.I have been seeing…

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