3 Reasons Why Humans Are Pre-Disposed to Buy The Wrong Things… And How to Avoid It!

H&M Home Range

“Go, go, go, go” Mariana and I tried not to hold up traffic as we leapt out of the car at roadrunner pace and raced into Zara. 15 minutes later with bags in hands and grins on our faces we high fived, basking in our shopping prowess. Almost never, does the step over the threshold…

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Quick Survey: If You’re Interested In Decorating Your Home

I’m collecting thoughts on a new project. Can you spare a couple of minutes to fill out a quick survey? (It takes 2 minutes) If you’re interested in decorating your home please click here http://goo.gl/forms/lkMY5eOkM8 Thanks so much! Your feedback REALLY helps. Rach x

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Are You “Wasting” Money With Your Decorating?


When I got today’s question from a friend I wasn’t surprised. Mostly because the idea of spending money on beauty alone often comes tainted with a pang of guilt. If it’s a functional piece like a coffee table, but also beautiful, we justify it as an investment piece for the future. We see ourselves as…

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2 Visual Tricks To Turn Your TV From Big Black Box Into Stunningly Decorated Space


  Yes, ugly TV syndrome is suffered by almost everyone. TV’s crept their way into our lives, and by the 1980s had taken over the focus of our living rooms. And yes, they are currently being threatened.. But they’re by no means extinct. The television is still a major part of our homes. So how…

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Living Room Teardowns: See How I Revamp 5 Lame Living Rooms Using Seduction

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 12.23.27 PM

  The best way to avoid decorating mistakes is by demonstration but I know if I do teardowns of your, my wonderful family of readers homes I’ll feel really bad! And won’t be able to be as brutally honest as I’d like for you to get the most out of this.. So I came up…

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