What The Latest Neuroscience Research Can Teach Us About Decorating

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If I said you could have fun, play like a kid, and by doing that get the most beautiful home and space… would you be freaking jumping out of your skin like I am??

I stumbled across this genius method while watching youtube self help videos on neuroscience…. I am a self help junkie… Self confessed. Especially if it is based on science 🙂

Since this, I’ve been doing this brain re-wiring method for a few weeks now and noticed (even though this is not the intended outcome) It’s helping me come up with bigger, better and much more exciting ideas for our home and my projects too #bonus

Plus it helps you make the decorating process way more fun.. because you basically let your inner kid play.

Now, it may look like nothing, but this is based on serious science.


Here’s The Neuroscience of Why It Works…

If you write with the other hand to your natural writing hand it feels weird, so we naturally revert to the comfortable hand to writewith over and over again.

The same happens with our thought patterns in our brains.

Our brain has patterns of thinking that were hard wired into our brains from when we were young (just like our writing hand). Which now just repeat themselves over and over out of comfort. And we all know…

same thinking = same results.

So the same thinking about decor = same results.

But now the latest neuroscience research has shown we can actually re-wire our brain for better results by doing exactly the same. Repeating thoughts we want to think with engaged emotion,  and in a playful way, over and over again.


Do that, and the wonderful new thought pattern you want literally becomes our your default pattern of thinking, and therefore reality.

This simple exercise literally re-wires your brain for greater happiness, love, joy, a more beautiful home, and basically whatever else you want that you can think of.

The trick, repeat it daily. Although once for home decorating can be enough to spark many beautiful ideas within you.

This is all you need to do.

Imagine the dream version of yourself… basically imagine the person you would be if you had achieved everything that you ever wanted in life. Yes EVERYTHING. Just play with that thought.

How would you be? What would you do in your day? How do you feel being this person? What does your life look like as this person?

Now, thank people out loud. Thank people and yourself for what you’ve received. Talk about how grateful you are to live this life of everything you ever wanted.

Saying it out loud works so well if no one is around 🙂

Now that you’re really feeling it in your body, walk around your house acting as though you are that person and tell an imaginary friend exactly what you’d like to do with the house… consult with them  too. This friend just happens to be an incredible interior designer 😉

Have fun with this, play, and enjoy coming up with lots of ideas for a truly stunning interior.

Now, even more reasons why it works…. Can you tell how much I want you to DO THIS ? 🙂

It also works because the creative and visual part of the brain is the imaginative part of the brain so doing a playful exercise like this, taps into that side of the brain.

Plus, it breaks you out of putting your natural restrictions on yourself because your “achieved everything self” is free of those past blocks and mental limitations.

Take a minute and do it now. Also, if you have any friends who you see are stuck in the same pattern of thinking or living, this could be just the help they need. Hit share and help them get unstuck with the sharing buttons below.

Much love,


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