The Inside Scoop: How To Navigate Interiors Styles Flawlessly With Top Trend Analyst Patta Arkaresvimun



When you start out decorating your home the first and biggest sticking point is always style.


How to get the style and feel you want?

Which styles are really you?

How to pull the multitude of styles you like into a home that actually feels right?

It can feel overwhelming.. I mean what even makes a space feel Scandinavian, or Minimalistic or Mid-Century Modern?


These are normal questions and that is why style is the of focus in all of my courses, client work, and everything else I share here because in my experience it is the key.

Because knowing your style unlocks everything else.

  • It gives you the map to getting what you really want
  • The confidence to finish off your space
  • The ability to make decorating decisions with ease
  • Plus, with your clear style as your guide you actually enjoy decorating more


That’s why I am super excited to share with you today this interview with an old friend and top expert in styles Patta Arkaresvimun.


She was the head of Trend Analysis for Philips Design in Asia and has 15 years of experience in analysing all the trends you see out there. Plus, she has a background in interiors and architecture.


In this interview she talks about:

  • How to navigate the multiples of  trends you see
  • How she decides what styles go into her own home
  • How you can avoid fad trends
  • How to work out which styles and trends you should use, and where to use them

Plus, many more incredible nuggets of wisdom.


So grab a tasty green smoothie (or glass of wine), a notebook (as you won’t want to forget these juicy tips), sit in a comfy spot, hit play, and get soaking up all this great advice 🙂



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So get pinning!

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