Ideas you can steal from some of the most gorgeous bathrooms on the planet


How to decorate a bathroom and renovate it is no cheap task. And since it is so permanent, it can feel like a daunting decision. That is unless you are my friend M who is diving right in there, ONLY a few months after she purchased the house, I am so impressed!

Hearing about what she is doing has me thinking about what it takes to make a jaw dropping bathroom.  You know the type I mean. It is not style dependant. It is the bathroom that has that extra bit of care, something that surprises you, elevates it, and ultimately makes your heart flutter.

And who better to look at than some of the pro’s bathrooms. Here are the ideas you can steal to take your bathroom to the next level. Lets dig in.


Some things to steal from this glamorous bathroom:

  • The grand scale of the mirror creates the drama, and reflective materials are naturally more glamorous so if you are wanting to add a big dose of glamour to your space, supersize your mirror, and put it in a frame that creates the style statement you want to make.
  • The rug warms the space and adds the big dose of pattern which immediately makes the space feel less minimalistic and cold. Putting rugs that would naturally not be in the bathroom instantly makes your space feel more special.
  • Love your bath! Make it even more special by adding a glistening chandelier to highlight it’s importance. If you are not into chandeliers in the traditional sense, go for a beautiful modern pendant instead like in the last photo of this post.


Ideas to steal from Patricia Urquiola:

  • This space from Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola (shot by Manolo Yllera) makes you feel like you want to hang out in it. Why? Patricia has included lots of items you would normally see in the living room instead, and put them in the bathroom. Think upholstered furniture, a rug, side tables and art. Throw practicality out and just try it, you might just fall in love.
  • Patricia Urquiola is also amazing with colour. Notice how she painted out window framing, it adds that special touch that really elevates the space and ties in the rug beautifully. If you have deep window framing like this, paint it out in a beautiful saturated hue for that beautiful unexpected touch.


Muted tone ideas to steal:

  • Soften up a black and white tile bathroom with wood tones.  It could be the vanity, a wooden ladder, or a tree trunk stool, pick a couple of wooden pieces you love, and fit your style.
  • add some interest to your tiling with writing, you can do french as above, or I have even seen the more playful ‘get naked’ written on the tile walls.


  • Take your walls from boring to beautiful with wallpaper. It used to have a bad reputation but imagine this  space with a plain white wall. Wallpaper now has such an amazing variety, your options are literally endless.
  • You have two areas in a bathroom that can easily show your style. One is the mirror, the second is the lighting. Using interesting lighting that makes a statement over the mirror helps bring in your style and some attitude to your space. Pay attention when picking those items they will make a huge statement.



  • Do something interesting with your shower doors. If your normal glass door is looking tired then changing it up for something different can elevate your space and shows a little love and care.


  • Deep wood tones add a richness to this bathroom. Wood also brings in a natural warmth which you can use to soften the rest of the hard finishes usually used in a bathroom
  • Adding texture with rugs also softens the hard finishes of tile, glass and ceramic.

If you are working on your bathroom we would love to hear from you. What is working, what is not. Let me know in the comments below.

Published by: Rach Bryant

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