How To Generate Crazy Good Ideas For Your Home



Creating a beautiful home can be an overwhelming job. Where do you start with so much to do?

As the to do list goes on, and on, maybe you end up procrastinating, hoping a solution will just drop out of the sky and into your home.

Or you think if only you had the budget to hire an interior designer, they would  give you some good ideas!

While your dream interior won’t just magically appear someday (nor wishing for it, will bring you a spark of genius). It’s possible to get yourself out of an idea-less slump and running downhill with crazy good ideas for your home.

And yes, even you, who thinks you’re not creative can do it.


The truth about creative idea generation is this:

Good ideas are never generated out of nowhere. They are built on other good ideas.

You may think an artwork is original, but in reality that’s because you don’t know the source of the initial idea it references.

Austin Kleon’s book with a cult following ‘Steal like an artist’ quotes even David Bowie on this.



So how does this apply to creating ideas for your homes interior?

If you’re stuck for ideas, it’s purely because you haven’t filled up your idea bank, with enough good inspiration.

Quality inspiration in, is a quality interior out. So get yourself a Pinterest or Instagram account. Then start searching for people who have images in a style you like. You can check me out here on pinterest and instagram if you want.

Also start searching for words that appeal. You don’t have to know your style, or the right style words to search. You can search by room type, a feeling, a colour of room, anything you like. The below image came up on a search for calm living room on pinterest.



So how to start creating genius interior ideas?

Now that you’re filling up your interior inspiration bank, you can start using that inspiration as a trampoline for your own ideas.

There can be a lot of resistance to this, if you feel your not creative. That said,  if you can do addition in math, it’s the same mental process.


idea 1 + idea 2 = new idea 3


Take one idea you really like. Then take a second idea you really like. Now, think about if you combined idea one with idea two. What would your answer of idea 3 look like?

Start off with something small at first, so you can get used to visualising it. For instance, look at the two images below.



bedroom ideas



Let’s say in image one (on the left) you like everything but the colour of the bedding and the lime rug. In image two (on the right) you like the bed linen and the black carpet.

So imagine, what image one would look like, if you switched out the carpet and the bedding to the dark sumptuous and dramatic bedding and carpet that’s in image two.

How would that new combined room your imagining feel?

I see the combined room looking more masculine and sophisticated than in image one.  Why? Because we reduced the number of bright colours in the room making the whole thing more dark, and the fur and velvet on the bedding make it feel more expensive. But there are no right answers here. It’s how it feels to you that counts.

Now lets look at another two images….



kitchen ideas



For this one we’re going a little abstract and less practical.

Imagine if you used the drippy rock formation of image one to completely cover the ceiling of  this stunning kitchen in image two. How would that look?

Now you’re getting the idea. Lets play with this a bit. I’ve put a bunch of sets of images below. Look for what you like in each of the two rooms. Then, imagine them in different ways together.



living room ideas


Play, and have fun with this. There are no right or wrong answers. The options are endless and ideas will be completely unique to you. And you know what… You’re doing exactly what creatives do….just with a few training wheels 🙂



dining room ideas



The more you practice the better you get over time. The better creative you’ll be 🙂



room ideas



Did that get your creative ideas flowing? Do you know someone wanting to improve their home?

Share the love, by forwarding this post (share buttons are right down below) and tell me in the comments…. What new ideas have you come up with for your home?

It’s my absolute passion to help you find your creativity, and create a beautiful home full of your soul.

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Go get them tiger!

Much love,


Published by: Rach Bryant





  • Julie

    May 27, 2015

    Heya Rachel, I loved this. It made me think so much. In the first picture with the book it reminded me of what my mom used to tell me and that is good artists copy and great artists steal. I think what she meant is that you can be bold in your choices and add your personal touch to make it yours. In the second picture, the one with the three black frames and white matte board, it really made me feel calm.

    I would love to do something like this as I just painted everything WHITE for the first time in years. The other pictures were fun to look at and imagine what I could do with them.

    I so appreciate your love for design and your willingness to help people who need it.


    • rbadmin

      June 8, 2015

      Hey Julie 🙂 Yes, it’s such a great reminder isn’t it! And what an amazing mum you have to tell you that from a young age.

      Your art will look beautiful on those white walls! Sometimes simplicity is just so beautiful isn’t it.

      Rach xx