How To Create A Stunning Interior That’s Kid-Proof (aka indestructible)



Yep, Stunning and kid proof in the same sentence.

If you’ve been holding off decorating your home how you want it until the kids have grown up, if you’ve been compromising by buying cheap in-the-meantime furniture while they’re young. Or maybe your homes just a hodge-podge of hand-me-downs and furniture you bought when you were renting I’m talking to you.

Please, for your own happiness. Don’t wait to do your home.

It’s completely possible to have a beautiful home with children. You’ll see that in the numerous images I post today. So how do these parents do it without constantly yelling at their kids to keep off this, or take care of that?

There’s a solution. And that’s by being super selective about what you put in your home. Here’s how your interior decoration can work for you, not against you in making your home stunning and kid-friendly.



Decorating so you worry less about spills or stains

We have a gorgeous pale modern sofa and I’ll be honest, even we can’t keep stains off of it and I’m forever trying to clean it. But pattern, darker colours, and textured materials are your decorating friends when it comes to spills.

And I’m not just talking about sofas. Here’s how to decorate for spills or stains on all the main parts of your house.



The best flooring for when you have kids:

Harder surfaces that are easy to wipe clean with wet wipe are the easiest to maintain. Tile grout can get dirty but wooden flooring or laminate wooden flooring’s an easy option.

Matte finishes to your wooden floor makes it less slippy for your running kids too.

Area rugs are best with a pattern and dark colours. You’ll be so happy you choose wisely when your friend happens to spill wine on it.

  • Sea grass rugs are also a great option as the resist stains and are easy to flip right over.
  • Hides are pretty indestructible and stain resistant. It’s the only white rug I’d ever get.
  • Carpet tiles are getting better looking, are hardwearing, and you can replace just one tile if you have a serious spill. They’re getting more eco friendly too.
  • For wool rugs New Zealand wool rugs are best because our sheep have a high lanolin content in their wool which makes it more stain resistant (and I’m not biased, promise!)

Carpet can be much more difficult to keep clean. However if you do opt for carpet, darker colours are best and nylon blend carpets tend to be the most stain resistant.



Stylish Furniture your kids won’t destroy and vice versa

If you’ve been reading the blog a while you would have heard me bang on about the value of quality over quantity.

While it may seem counter intuitive to buy higher quality furniture with kids, it actually works out better in the long run. The reason is, cheaper options quickly fall apart after a few years of use, and kids using your furniture like a playground. Which makes them not so cheap anymore.

Instead if you buy a well constructed key furniture pieces in a shapes you love, and hardwearing materials that look better with age it will last you a lifetime. Think marble, stone, hardwood, stainless steel, aged metals, and of course with rounded corners.

Adding leather and upholstered ottomans instead of a coffee table is also a good option as they’re lots o fun to play on and a good distraction from the sofa. Or even a super solid wooden table like below.



Sofa’s that don’t get stained

For upholstered furniture look for sofas with a hardwood frame, that has reinforced corners, is glued and screwed, has foam padding on the frame, and foam and down in the cushions. You’ll be happy you looked for a good one as your kids start using it as a trampoline.

Your best stain resistant sofa fabrics are:

  • Solution-dyed acrylic Indoor-outdoor fabrics because they are highly stain resistant and easy to clean. The newest ones are getting much softer than the older ones, you can’t even tell they are for outside anymore. If you want a white sofa this is the only way to go.
  • Ultra suede is also pretty amazingly stain resistant. Although I’m personally not so keen on having my ass mark left on the sofa every time I get up. Make sure to look for a beautiful quality one thats a bit thicker so it doesn’t go all saggy on you.
  • Leather is a wipe away from clean, and distressed leather is beautiful if you don’t like scratch marks left over from pets and kids on your leather.
  • Durable natural fabrics include velvet, wool, linen (especially machine-washable Belgian linens made in England or Italy), linen velvet, and mohair (which lasts a very long time).

Also don’t forget to Scotch guard your upholstery for that extra bit of protection.

If you just can’t afford to buy new furniture now, or you already have a sofa that’s beautiful, adapt your current furniture by adding (ideally) a patterned throw. Like Oh Joys house uses on the bottom sofa cushion in the image below.



Curtains and blinds that are easy to clean

Blinds are your simplest choice, rolled up out of the way of kiddies hands, or the wooden kind that are a simple wipe. They’re durable and last a very long time. Cordless are by far the best option.

Curtains that pool on the floor are asking to be swung on. So go for something strong, machine washable, and well bolted to the wall.

Machine-washable linen can be a wonderful fresh looking choice. Patterned fabrics hide a multitude of sticky finger sins. And for warmth, and keeping out the light – suede, denim, tapestry, tweed and velvet are often used in commercial applications such as hotels because they’re beautiful and hardwearing.



Walls Finishes That Are Simple To Wipe Free Of Sticky Fingers

Lets face it. Your walls are going to take a beating if you’ve got kids. Eggshell, satin and semi-gloss finishes are a simple wipe away from being clean.

Painting with a low-VOC paint is more expensive, but lacks harmful chemicals and fumes which make it a no-brainer, especially with kids in the house who are always touching them.

Matte finishes are going to be a pain in your ass for cleaning, although you could try the new washable flat paints. The best solution I’ve found is to use a regular eraser and rub marks out or have touch up paint on hand because with flat finish it doesn’t leave brush marks.

Another great option is chalkboard paint. Which now comes in amazing colours, and has a beautiful matte finish so you never have to worry about him/her writing on the walls again.

Washable wallpapers are also great if you get one with a pattern or slightly varied finish as the pattern distracts your eye from those cheeky little finger prints. Spot the fingerprints below?? I know cringe lame pun!



Accessories that look good but don’t matter if they fall.

It may be tempting with to just buy the main pieces and keep surfaces clear and free from things that may fall but to make a room feel finished it needs layers of visual interest to grab the eye. Here are your best bets when it comes to accessorising with kids.

Frames with plastic instead of glass (or nothing) are a great way to dress up your home. Because art on the walls is out of the way, and brings so much sophistication and interest to your home. Hello cheap ikea frames. Same can be true for smaller photo frames.

Books always look great stacked up for decoration and are pretty durable as well as interesting for kids to look at.

Wooden objects or metal bowls are another great idea as they are pretty indestructible and not super heavy if they fall. like below



Plants are really needed to bring life to a space. For kids smaller potted plants are better than flowers displayed in vases. Or my personal favourite is large potted plants that are as heavy as a solid piece of furniture so they never fall.

If you buy taller sideboards and cabinets that are over the 1.1m mark you should be a lot safer displaying your more precious things. In the photo below they use ikea bookshelf’s stacked along side by side, and another taller vintage display case.



Did this help you? If you know anyone else who’s struggling with decorating their house in a way that’s kid proof. Or someone who is doesn’t like their home, but is waiting for their kids to grow up at the expense of their own happiness? Share this post with the buttons below.

You don’t have to wait. The future never comes that quick. Enjoy a beautiful home now. You wonder-mother deserve it.

Lots of love and the upmost respect,


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