How asking the right questions can improve your interior

As with home design, I am equally obsessed with self help. Something not every one likes to admit, but I see nothing wrong with this kind of learning. What got me even MORE enthusiastic, is that these principles can be applied to interiors too. NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming)  for instance, as well as other self help practices, believe a lot in how asking the right questions in life leads to a better life in general. So I thought, lets to do this for setting a direction of my homes design, and you know what it’s pretty darn helpful! So here are some of my 5 favourite questions to improve your interior.
1. If you suddenly found the courage to do one thing you 
   have always been afraid of doing in the design of your
 home, what would you want it to be? NOW DO IT!


This is about challenging yourself to find that courage and just do it. After all nothing really bad can happen in interiors, you are not exactly putting your life on the line.For me, courage would be going wild with colour, especially on the walls.. I think so many people get afraid of this and then stay in the safe zone. Currently me included. Rental!  But if colour is your courageous thing (like me) then I say let’s do it! And to give you (and by you I mean me), a shove, above is some inspiration of a vintage interior by Verner Panton. He was so fearless in so many ways!


2. If you were able to live in any era, which would it be?


Whatever your era, take references from it. Whether that be colour, finishings, or furniture styles. It could be any era, it doesn’t have to be a match with your current style, you can go with it in a little or big way depending how it fits.For me it is always the 70s, and specifically 70s Disco! The wild freedom on dress in particular. See Studio54 (above). Decadent, and full of expression, glossy and metallic finishes, bold shots of colour in the lighting, black walls, and futuristic 70s furniture and just some of the things I am taking from it.


 3. If you had to name the most beautiful bed you 

have ever occupied, what would it be?


Rebuild the vibe of that bed into your own bedroom. For example, I have two: One was a bedroom with windows on all three sides, i loved opening all the windows and lying in bed with a book. It felt so close to nature. The second was a hotel in Peru, it had the most comfortable bed I have slept in in my life! Like sleeping on a cloud. So nature elements, windows open and super soft and luxurious bedding. Whatever your memory, know what was wonderful about it and try and recreate it in your own bedroom.   
4. If you had to name the most beautiful house you 
have ever been, which would it be?


Take the essence of this place into your home no matter how far fetched. For me it was a spellbinding palace in India, the colour, the romance of how it used to look and the patterns are what made it so magical. Not to mention the grand architecture. To create some of this vibe in my own space it would come through with colour and pattern since we don’t have the architectural bones. If we were in a architecturally grand space it would be bringing attention to those details.   
5. If you could stop one design tendency
that you have what would it be?


Whatever your default design setting is, challenge it! For me it would be the tendency to favour a neutral colour palette. Although I love it’s classic qualities I know I am being safe and not stepping out of my comfort zone enough, and I think life is about being BOLD in your choices.These are only a few questions you could ask. The deeper the questions, the better the result. So to leave you pondering, here is a question I love to ask.If you could fix one thing in the world what would it be?

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