2 Visual Tricks To Turn Your TV From Big Black Box Into Stunningly Decorated Space



Yes, ugly TV syndrome is suffered by almost everyone.

TV’s crept their way into our lives, and by the 1980s had taken over the focus of our living rooms.

And yes, they are currently being threatened.. But they’re by no means extinct.

The television is still a major part of our homes.

So how do we make these big black voids of joy actually look good, and part of our overall decoration?

Use these two visual tricks…


Trick 1: Magpie Your Space

Magpie’s are naturally attracted to shinny objects. So are we humans. Our eyes go where the pretty is, and while we do look at the whole picture there can only be one star of the show.

Grab yourself some visual bait to shift the limelight from the TV itself, to something else.


Well not just any old thing can do it… You really need a star. 

And there’s a couple of things that ensure an objects star quality.

  1. Scale: Sumo wrestler vs 50kg female, we all know who’ll win. Same applies to TV vs desired star object. You need something of equal visual weight, or expect chosen star object to be CRUSHED.
  2. Personality: Had dinner with the most boring person on the planet? Where were you drawn to look? Somewhere else? Yep, something big and boring, or big and ugly does not an interiors star make…


Star objects that’ll beautifully steal your TV’s limelight


Flank it by a chair, light, or shelving that’s much better looking


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 6.06.01 PM


Grab attention with the stunning art instead





I’m toying with the idea of a ceiling height indoor tree flanking the TV… Yep sumo wrestler, I’m brining in a giant!

Feeling like your TV still bugs you?


Trick 2: Go Camo

The military can camouflage themselves in some pretty weird environments so why can’t your TV do so too?

Grab yourself a can of dark paint and convert your room into a cosy haven of dark colours then sit back and watch as your TV fades directly into the wall it’s sitting on.





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