How To Create An Eclectic Interior And Actually Pull It Off!



Decorating your first ‘grownup’ home can feel super intimidating, and super exciting at the same time! You’re past the point of using whatever furniture you’ve had just get by, and finally want to create a ‘decorated home’. But there are so many options and how can you pick just one look?

Truth is you don’t have to. Eclectic Interiors are like food buffets for your home. You get to have a bit of all your favorites, and all on the same plate!

But just like eating cake with your steak (it tends to end up in disaster). The same can be true with a free-for-all eclectic interior. There are secrets to it not ending up in a shit show.

So Here’s The Steps To Really Pulling Off A Beautiful Eclectic Interior.


STEP 1: Know the Interior Styles You Want To Include

Imagine heading to the buffet table and not even knowing what foods you like to eat? Your plate ends up a disgusting heap of odd foods mixed together.

Eclectic interiors are not a free-pass to mix anything. You need to know your favourite interior styles in the first place. That way, you know what to combine, and you can make sure that you have a few pieces of each style throughout the room. That will keep it from becoming too much one style, or too haphazard looking.

If you’re not sure of the styles you love yet. No problem! Photos of interiors you like can give you clues. Perhaps there’s lots of mid-century modern furniture, femininity, masculinity, sexiness, boldness, rustic elements, modernness, or urban style in your photos. Normally you’ll like quite a few styles. That’s great! Note them all down as it makes your room exponentially more interesting, and infinitely more you!



Take the room above from Alder & Miller as an example. Here there is a surf vibe with the surfboard and types of plants chosen.  A casualness brought in with the slouchy furniture and cushions.  Industrial aspects from the architecture and light over the bar. Lots of wooden architectural furniture, and a few ethnic fabrics thrown in.

Notice how each style is dispersed throughout the space. You will need a few pieces of each style you like in the room.

STEP 2: Pick Your Interior Colours

One of the most popular ways to create a unified room is to keep your colours tight! For me that is always a base of shadowy colours: greys, blues, blacks, whites which I use for the main items of furniture in the room. The base colours are the thread that ties all the rest together, and sets the mood for the room. Other accent colours are then added on top.

You can read more detail on finding your colours and what colours to combine in the below post and downloadable guide.

5 Super Simple Ways To Mix And Match Interior Colours

Guide to Finding Your Paint Colours


The above apartment is an example of base tones. It doesn’t have to be all white or beige, see the deep indigo rug.

STEP 3: Pick your Statement pieces

Eclectic interiors have a lot going on, so if every piece is fighting for attention, it just gets overwhelming. Pick a few pieces that you love, and have them sparkle as the exclamation mark in the room.

Personally I love that to be oversized lighting, floor to ceiling bookshelves, supersized plants, art, or a piece of vintage designer furniture in a bright & bold hue.

Go with your heart on this one. It should be something that really makes your heart flutter but still has enough size/sparkle/boldness to really grab the eye.



Colour is a great way of singling out a statement piece. In this room from Homepolish it is the bright yellow chair and large scale chandilier that are the statement pieces.

STEP 4: Putting Your Eclectic Room Together

Now you know the styles you like to combine, you have your statement pieces, you have a base of colours you love. Let’s jump into the fun part of putting it all together. You’ll notice it is all about brining balance.

  • Have a few objects of each style around the room. So if you have a industrial style coffee table, you would want an industrial lamp for example elsewhere in the room. By distributing your styles amongst one another, they will blend more harmoniously.
  • Pepper your accent colours around the room also. Like in this image below, you will see that the yellow lamp links to the yellow chair. The blue floor links to the blue book, and blue in the art. The orange lamp ties into the pink in the art, and red book. It’s about blending. Having only one note makes it seem accidental, unless that is your statement piece.



  • Balance leggy things with boxy things in your room. If it is all too boxy it comes across as heavy and modern. Too leggy and it feels messy. I personally like a balance of 70:30 70% boxy and 30% leggy. By leggy that could be chair and table legs, or even a skinny lamp or line sculpture.
  • And finally mix up  your textures. Put rough things next to smooth things, soft things next to hard things, make sure there is a variety of textures in the room otherwise it will feel flat.


STEP 5: Have Fun And Add Something A Bit Weird

Interior purchases are expensive. There’s quite a bit of pressure to pick the right item because its not easily returned to the shop like a dress. You want them to last for your future self too. But lets be honest, are you wearing clothes from 10 years ago?

Interior shopping is not doing your taxes. It can be fun and express your creativity. One way I like to loosen it up is to try and start by finding something really fun, and weird to have at home. Something odd, out of place, that brings a smile, enlivens your interior, and  brings a playfulness to your home  shopping.

Go out there and have fun!

Lots of love and hugs,





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