The Secret Sauce to Confident Interior Design Decisions




When you start out decorating your home it feels like there are so many new skills and decisions to be made.

What colours should you pick, what styles do you like, how to mix and match styles to create something you’re happy with?

You’re essentially expected to become an interior designer overnight!

Where on earth will you find the time? And how do you know you’re not making a buying mistake?

After all furniture and accessories are not exactly cheap.

That, teamed with an abundance of choice, and access to almost any style these days, inevitably leads of overwhelm.

Buying only things you love can help, but tends to be a slow process of trial and error, and in all honestly, doesn’t lead to guaranteed overall success.

However, there is a way to grow your interior design decision making confidence.

Most likely you’ve even dabbled in it a little, but not done the full work needed for it to make a difference.

So what is this magical confidence giver? Clarity

And getting clarity is a lot easier than you may think.

Why Clearly Knowing Yourself Is the Best Present You Can Give Your Interior

When you look at the most stylish people on the planet (from fashion to interiors) you notice that the most stylish, always have a very edited and clear style that they stick to. Just watch this video of Olivia Palermo talking about her wardrobe as an example.

Olivia knows what works for her, what she likes, and what she doesn’t like.

Indecision only arises, when you’re not clear on what you like, you like too many things, and the belief that you have to make the perfect choice otherwise you’ll regret it later.

While it may seem overwhelming (the idea of being able to know your style as clearly as Olivia Palermo does). It’s not nearly as hard as you might think to actually uncover it. You feel daunted because we’ve been taught that style is a natural gift, rather than something that’s developed. The key is instead asking the right questions..

The insights that can be gained can make a huge difference in not only your home but also your personal fashion sense too, because it helps you get to know why you like what you like.

For example, if you’re doing your bathroom and you love both of these styles below but haven’t worked out what you like of each how do you know what tiles to pick for your own bathroom.


Bathroom inspiration


3 Essential Questions for Getting Design Clarity

Now that you know about the potential and power of getting clarity, lets dive right in and get you started with three basic questions…

These questions will help you work out what you do and don’t like so you can start to build a more complete picture of your style that you can base your decisions on.


Q1: What is it that you like about the image or inspiration?

Understanding the details about what drew you to an image can be very powerful, especially if you like lots of different styles, but are not sure exactly what you like of each.

For instance, 20 people may have pinned this same image below onto their inspiration boards but each for a slightly different reason.

When you know specifically your reason for selecting things you’ll start to see clearer patterns in what you like, and you won’t just be copying and pasting a style from an image into your home.

Which by the way, is virtually impossible anyway!




Q2: What don’t you like about the inspiration?

Most self help books will ask you what you don’t want first. Reason being, it’s sometimes easier to say what you don’t like than what you do. Especially about yourself.

This question is about taking an image you do like and seeing if there are any parts of it just erk you. Or are not really you?

For instance in the image below (which I love by the way, check out Jenny Wolf Interiors) I also know that the white brick is a bit too clean and perfect for me.

Adding what you don’t like to the list of what you do starts to help you build a clearer picture of what exactly is ‘you’. Is there anything you personally don’t like about the image below?




Q3: How would you change it to make it more pleasing to you?

This is where you’ll really get to work out what is ‘you’. You’re going to take what you don’t like and use your imagination to change it to something that you like better.

By doing this you’ll start to see how you add your own stamp and style.

For example in the image below I’d change the bookcases to something fully built in, and add way more rugs and textiles to soften the space up. I’d also probably switch the sofa from green to a deep blue velvet, but that’s just me 😉 How would you make the room more pleasing for you?




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So much love and hugs,


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