24 Sophisticated Christmas Table Styles Of Every Kind

the modern italian christmas

christmas table styles

Merry Christmas!!

I hope you are having a very special and fun filled day with friends and family.

It’s at moments like this, that I really want that 2hr flight between London and NZ or Australia so I can just pop home in a few hours.

Regardless, I feel so grateful to the wonderful time I’ve had these holidays, the incredible family, and kick-ass husband that I get to share this trip with.

And I’m so grateful to you all, my readers. It’s so wonderful to have you reading along, and the messages you send me.

I so appreciate hearing how you’re getting on.

So we’ve been counting down till Christmas, every day with a new Christmas table style.

And today is the full overview of all the styles we’ve covered. ALL 26 of them!

I’d love to know which ones are your favourites?


1) Classical Houndstooth Christmas

black and white classic christmas

Houndstooth FabricCutleryGlass DomesFairy Lights for Domes,
White PlatterBlack Serving Spoon



2) Ethnic Bohemian Christmas

bohemian modern christmas style table

Authentic Mud ClothGold Rim Wine GlassPeacock ChairBlack Pedestal Bowl,
Brass TrayCherry PedestalPetrified Wood BowlPorcupine Quills,
Black Salad PlateBrass ReindeerWhite Christmas Wreath



3) Fresh French Country Christmas

modern french country christmas style

Vintage Glass PlatesChristmas CrackersRustic Metal Planter,
Mini Christmas CakesDIY Natural Wreath Snowberry Garland



4) Modern Gold Christmas

white gold modern classic christmas table

CandelabraGold CutleryGold Ice BucketArtificial Snow DIYOval Platter



5) Modern Medieval Christmas

rich dark christmas style table

Oval Wooden Platter, Chocolate Tart, Black Linen Table Cloth, Antique Pewter Plate,
White Plates, Dark Leaf Wreath, Gold Dipped Feather Wreath, Pewter Tankard Cup,
B&W Christmas Crackers, Whiskey Decanter



6) Calm French Country Christmas

green and blue relaxed country christmas

Linen Fabric, Green Christmas Garland, White Pebble Plates, Blue Grey Bowl, Grey Platter,
Silver Cutlery, Grey Stripe Napkin, Blue Jug, Wine Glass, Candles, Serving Spoons



7) Blue Bohemian Christmas

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 2.02.47 pm

Hmong Fabric, Gold Cutlery, Dinner Plates, Clear Wine Bottle Candelabra,
Wood Cheeseboard, Blue Platters



8) Modern Jewel Toned Christmas

purple modern christmas table style

Aubergine Satin Table RunnerChristmas Cake RecipeVintage Bells,
Bronze Serving PlatterCrystal Whiskey GlassWhite Napkin,
Glass Upturned is an old Ikea Storage Jar



9) Modern Country Christmas

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.52.58 pm

Christmas Plaid, White Candelabra, Sliver Serving Platter, Green Platter, Cutlery, Place Setting,
Snowflake Fabric, White Plate, Pinecone Wreath, Gluten Free Apple Christmas Cake



10) Cozy Christmas Cabin

dark cabin or cottage christmas table style

Mulled Wine Hot ChocolateGrey PlateGold CutlerySmall Serving Board,
Tartan CushionsCandlesPlaid Napkins



11) Fresh Classical Christmas

modern white and gold christmas

Brass CandlesticksJuniper Christmas GreeneryGold Painted Pinecone DIY,
Olive and Caramelised Onion Roast LambGold Salad Servers, White Soup Pot (vintage)



12) Bright Summer Christmas

blue and red summer christmas table

Pale Blue Linen, Wreath, Striped Cotton Blanket, Reinbeers, Cheats Glazed Ham,
Decanter, Simple Drinking Glass, White Dinner Set, Striped Napkin



13) Modern Seaside Christmas

summer christmas style table pale blue

White Plate, White Wine Glass, Glass Decanter, Silver Platter, Wooden Bead Wreath



14) Geek Chic Christmas

bold modern geeky christmas style

Geek Wreath DIY, Neon ReindeerB&W Stripe Table ClothPot on StandJelly Parfait,
Lego Placeholder Wreath DIYModern CutleryOrigami Serving DishFuturistic Vegan Popsicle



15) Medieval Christmas

blue and red opulent christmas table

Bronze Candelabra, Blue Plate, Bronze Punch BowlRed Table Runner,
Blue and White PlatesRed Crystal GlassTwig Cutlery



16) Classical Regal Christmas

traditional christmas in white and red

Bronze CandelabraWhite PlatesBronze Punch Bowl, Red Table Runner,
Crystal Water Glass, Twig Cutlery


17) Warm Scandinavian Christmas

blue and copper scandinavian christmas table

Blue Linen TableclothBlue PlateCopper Small PlateWine GlassNickel Bowl,
Grey Water DecanterCrusty Bread RecipeSmall Grey Dish, Christmas Wreath



18) Warm White Christmas


scandinavian style christmas

Macrame Table RunnerWhite Dinner SetPaper LanternsCutlery Set,
Wood Serving Platter, ImageWhite CandlesticksFairy Lights



19) Natural Classical & Casual


natural classic christmas style

Branch CandelabraCloth NapkinPlacematRose Quartz Serving PlatterSilver Cutlery,
Chocolate Hazelnut Pavlova RecipeWhite BowlWhite Dinner SetCranberry Wreath DIY



20) Gold & White Glamour

metalic and white classic modern christmas table

Christmas CrackersCeramic Water JugMint Lamb Recipe,
Champagne FluteWhite PlateGold Cutlery



21) Modern Masculine

modern italian masculine christmas

Brown Wooden ChairHand BowlOval Serving DishWater Jug, White Salad Plate,
Black Dinner PlateWooden PlatterConcrete CandelabraGilded Acorns



22) Modern Eclectic

the modern italian christmas

Wreath, Copper Cutlery, Cheese Board, Black Candlesticks, Black Plate,
White textured Side Plate, Fig Recipe, Wine Glass, Copper Bowl, Black Spoon


23) Decadent Banquet

black white and gold christmas

Round Gold Placemat, Black Dinner Plate, White Side Plate, B&W Napkin,
Christmas Greenery, Silver Drinking Goblet, Brass Candle Holders,
Milk Glass Goblets, Round Wooden Bowl


24) Feminine & Glamorous

glamorous feminine christmas

Blush Pink Velvet, Crystal Water Glass, Crystal Wine Glass, Gold Trimmed White Napkin,
Crystal Candelabra, Salted Caramel Meringue, B&W Platter, Gold Small Bowl, Ebony Spoon 


So which one of the styles above feels most like you? Let me know in the comments below.

And from now on it’s back to normal on the blog, back to a post a week. Check back in after new years.

Happiest of Holidays, and wishing you a new year of pure joy!


Published By: Rach Bryant

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