Board games in Ibiza


Now, lets be clear Ibiza in summer is definitely not BORING! But in preparation for the quieter winter months it has me thinking about beautifully made board games for the living area. With a few glasses of wine with friends (or in my case kombucha) and a well placed board game it can open up opportunities for a different kind of night. Plus they can be a really decorative option to cosy up the living space.Now, key is picking a game that you can relate… a fashionable chess set when you clearly don’t absolutely LOVE chess is just fake fake fake. Your space should reflect you and ideally bring you warm fuzzy memories too.

For me, my number one is Backgammon. It is a game that reminds me of when I was young and we were at the ski club on Mount Ruapehu, with the fire and the dramatic views of the mountain, playing backgammon with my Dad.  For you yours might be something else either way go with your memories to make it special and pick one as stylish as these.


Backgammon set from Monc XIII it comes in lots of different and interesting colours like mustard or aubergine. My personal favourite is this one in Tangerine.
Limited edition chess set by hat-trick design
Limited edition A1 Scrabble designed by Andrew Clifford Capener
Monopoly Ibiza Edition soon to be released.
Also loving this artist designed scrabble board where Joanno Hahn took the standard board and with found lettering he pasted over the top of it. Clever and Good looking!

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