5 Days Till Christmas: Easy Sustainable Christmas Decorating to Be Proud Of

branch christmas tree

Sustainable Christmas decorating. What better thing to do, than to give to the earth, during the festive time of giving, Christmas. Inspiring friends, family, and helping your kids understand our earths importance. You want to do it, BUT, and here marches in the long line of fair excuses…. let’s look at them. Christmas is busy…

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6 Days Till Christmas: 38 Uber-Sophisticated Christmas Wrapping Ideas

high end christmas wrapping

We’re like magpies. We pay more for the same products if they come in a sparkling pretty package. Apple products, supermarkets, retail stores, and cafes dress themselves up, so they can charge us more too. A friend of mine is pro at finding clothes in Primark for virtually nothing, then seeing them later at a…

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7 Days Till Christmas: The Zero-Fuss Highly-Chic Way To Decorate At The Last Minute


So you’ve been a busy lady, working hard, meeting friends, and whooop all of a sudden Christmas decorating snuck right up on you and gave you a pinch on the bum. No worries, last minute Christmas decorating can be easy, quick, and highly-chic if you focus on simply these three things. So don’t waste a…

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8 Days Till Christmas: How To Get Inspired & Actually Apply That To Your Home


If you feel that there isn’t a cell of creativity in your body and you daydream the idea of being creative then you’re not the only one. Meet the numerous people I talk to, who feel that decorating is a metaphorical mine field of decisions, and creativity is some magical talent that only gets endowed…

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10 Days Till Christmas: What Your Kids Really Want For Christmas

blue and copper scandinavian christmas table

This Ikea Christmas Commercial is a wake up call to all parents. Find out what kids really are wanting this Christmas.   So with that in mind. Read a Christmas story Decorate the tree together no matter how bad it ends up looking Bake cookies together and deliver them to your neighbours Do a family…

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