24 Sophisticated Christmas Table Styles Of Every Kind

the modern italian christmas

Merry Christmas!! I hope you are having a very special and fun filled day with friends and family. It’s at moments like this, that I really want that 2hr flight between London and NZ or Australia so I can just pop home in a few hours. Regardless, I feel so grateful to the wonderful time…

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1 Day Till Christmas: Last Minute Christmas Card Options That Look Like You’ve Made a Real Effort

santa e-card

So you’ve jollied up your home, got the food sorted, prepped, and ready, presents brought and almost wrapped…… ahhhh didn’t you forget to send out your Christmas Cards?? Save yourself the hours of time scouring for elusive good looking christmas cards, writing individual notes, finding addresses, and then actually posting them. Because at this point…

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2 Days Till Christmas: 18 Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping Ideas


2 Days to go…. It’s time to get wrapping! Here’s how to do it beautifully and sustainably – and have a little creative fun along the way. These are my favourite wrapping methods for pretty packaging that is the least harmful to the earth. And doesn’t compromise on a quality!   How To Re-Use Paper And Make…

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3 Days Till Christmas: Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents You Actually Want

eco friendly gifts

  We are passed the 80s. Thank goodness! The more is more of cars, things, and decadent food…. deep fried camembert anyone? I mean seriously, we ate that! It’s simply no longer the case. Now it’s cool to drive your eco car, eat organic food, buy sustainable products, and have a zero-waste home. Possibly even…

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4 Days Till Christmas: How to Shop Sustainably For Food This Christmas

sustainable christmas food

If you’ve had a tiny voice inside your brain, faintly crying out that you do a little more for the earth, and global warming. It’s most likely been getting a lot louder lately, with all the press the topic is getting. The good news is, you can easily satisfy that voice, and it won’t cost you…

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