My favourite new winter addition


Being a ‘kiwi’ (New Zealander) has me hearing a lot of random sheep jokes when I meet people and the inevitable question of whether there really are more sheep than people… you have to admit, it is kinda funny! So in honour of my birth land and in salute to the coming winter I have…

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Ibiza outdoors – Putting to use an old bar


Doing one of my favourite things, browsing the second hand store Mum spotted this amazing wooden bar top on welded metal stands for 135euro and pointed it out. Normally its a strange thing to want, and I may very well have passed by it but having her point it out made me stretch my thinking…

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How to make your plastic outdoor furniture look new again


At the second hand store again I found these great outdoor chairs for only 15 euro each, only thing was they were looking a little worn. Easy fix, a bit of oil and they are like new again!I read originally on the internet to wash them down and then use WD40. I couldn’t find that…

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Ibiza Second Hand Shopping


I love love love vintage shopping, and that is a lot of love! Here are my reasons: You find original pieces (generally one offs) from all sorts of styles and decades, making your space infinitely more interesting! Its about your eye and your style, since you are looking through such a mass of ugly, not…

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Lucky 8


Bare white walls look great in a gallery because they have art on them… ours didn’t! So I had to take that into my own hands.But what to do? Painting was one of my weaker subjects in design school. The offending wall was this one …. white bed, white wall, white bedlinen… hmmmm. I wanted…

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