80:20 Rule so mess isn’t stress


When the house is in a mess I get stressed! Even when the rest of the house is tidy but I look in the cupboards and it is crazy in there I get stressed also. I read the other day that this physical clutter also relates to mental clutter so I am determined to get…

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My Number One design book


I wanted to share with you all today a book that when I read it resonated so strongly with my philosophy of the home and design I jumped around the house in joy that someone else totally and completely got it! They got that home is a place of the soul of a family, that…

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Colour at home without the paint


As a person who naturally gravitates to neutrals both in dress and at home, Ibiza has me breaking out of my boundaries wanting to bring colour into my life and dramatically shift my energy and my environment through the use of it. Ibiza after all is a very colourful island full of different energies. So…

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4 things you need to create warm and inviting living room lighting


As a lighting designer I often get asked by friends how best to light their homes so thought I would put together a list of the four key things you need to create a living room so warm and inviting you won’t want to leave it.  Seems especially appropriate for the fresh Ibiza weather we…

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How to facelift an old white ikea rug


Rugs add so much more softness to a room and are a fantastic way to bring in colour and pattern without paint. Since the entire house is white, white, white, we were needing both in the guest bedroom! I had an old white rug from Ikea that was in storage under the guest bed and…

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