Attract, Intrigue, Seduce: A Simple Framework For Absurdly Beautiful Rooms


When was the last time that you went into a house that made you jump out of your pants it’s so fricken good?

That made you immediately want to take photos, post to instagram, and ignore your hubby, kids, friends, (basically anyone within radius ) so that you could just stand back and take in all the details as if by osmosis translating into you and your own home?

Now let me ask you this:

When you sit down to think about the decoration of your home do you visualise this reaction as you, your friends, and family enter your rooms?


Do you think of an ok good enough, copy of something you’ve seen on houzz kind of space that makes friends and family (and even yourself) go oh thats kinda nice?

Which one of these reactions do you WANT?

I’m assuming it’s the first one.

It’s the first reaction that makes your home truly special, brimming with personality, has you jumping for joy in your very own home, others raving about, and most importantly is the type of place you’ll enjoy forever.

So how do you get that reaction?

Three words:




No I’m not talking about dating…

What I really mean is:

Create a downwards spiral of fascination that starts with attraction and leads them along the path to being seduced..

umm still sounds like dating…. ok in other words…

Attract with a statement piece in the space, something that grabs your attention, takes your breath away in a good way.

Intrigue them to look at more with two other statement pieces in other parts of the room that overwhelm the senses and create the feeling of so much good stuff going on I’ve got no idea of where I want to look.

Seduce by alluring them in for a closer look of all the pretty layers of details.

Lets take a look at how this works…no matter what style you love.


Example 1: A Nate Berkus Room

Attract: He gets us interested with the large black painting over the sofa as you directly enter the space. It grabs your eye and is first place you look because of its large scale and dark colour.

Intrigue:  He keeps you looking. The eye wants to jump from the black painting to the black chairs (our eye likes to follow colours around the room) but then there’s also large carved wood in the corner, or the interesting red-tan chair, the bling of the brass lamp (there’s so much going on you which leads to a feeling of delight).


Seduce: He then draws us in and makes us fall completely in love with all the details: the interesting green pineapple, the smaller artworks asymmetrically placed around the big art on the wall, the just arranged coffee table details, the cushions on the sofa, and lamps on the sideboards. It’s the details that make the room feel warm and lived in.


Example 2: A Sibella Court Room

Attract: That could-be-boring wall makes the a captivating statement that draws you into the room dressed in bold yet whimsical green wallpaper

Intrigue: Theres a lot going on, and the eyes are saying yes please keeping the interest… The hat on the hanging bone, the green hanging lamp the same as the wall, the bold union jack cushion, the worn red rug, the metallic drawer to the right of the image all adds up and equals a happy overwhelm.

Seduce: Then Sibella whisks you off your feet for hours with the tiniest of details, more on more goes for seduction in bohemian style spaces.


Example 3: A Joseph Dirand Room

Attract: The green in this neutral room grabs your attention immediately which shows it doesn’t have to be large to be a statement piece. Colour can be incredibly powerful.


Intrigue: There’s a lot more going on in this room, the large fireplace and mirror, the black artwork, and oval central table. Even though it’s a room on the minimal side the interesting forms draw you in to look more.

Seduce: Then this minimalistic interior, doesn’t go crazy on the smaller accessories but the other interesting furniture shapes make the room feel exciting, and a few casual books and candles to loosen the whole thing up. It seduces without trying too hard.

The power of intention and what makes gaspingly brilliant rooms

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the plot, trying to get you to visualise your dream interior and then it will magically manifest (although I do actually believe in that stuff to some degree). What I’m actually talking about is emotional intent.

Emotional intent, when set right, is what makes a room feel in your bones good, grabs your friends and makes them gather there always, and makes your room the house go to hang-out-zone.

Do not decorate any room without setting first the emotional intention then using the attract, intrigue and seduce framework to make it absurdly charismatic.

The attract, intrigue and seduce framework works for every style and every type of room.

I have a training workshop on how to use this framework for entrances, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

The workshop shows you exactly how to use this framework; what attracting statement pieces to use, how much to intrigue including when it’s too much, and how to seduce the heels off your most discerning girlfriend, mother, family member (you know, that person who you can tellis judging you)…. with real life examples of different rooms we need to decorate in our homes.

This workshop is a bonus for everyone who signs up for the interior design for beginners ecourse.

It’s the first interior design course that uses the “subconscious mind” to guide you to your true interior style. And uses logical structured process to translate what makes you swoon into a finished stylish space in your own home.

It gives you the complete process, the done-for-you resources, the templates, everything… and the best part?

It is all backed by the psychology of your personal style so you will create an absurdly charismatic home that is completely YOU.

The interior Design for Beginners is opening in two weeks, and I have only a limited number of spaces so that you get maximum support from me.

So if you want to get your chance to join the Interior Design For Beginners and get your paws on the attract, intrigue and seduce workshop get on the VIP list so that I can roll out the red carpet for you, and you can be part of the workshop before the course launches… while everyone else has to sit on the sidelines wishing they could be your stylish self.
See you behind the velvet rope!


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