60 Easy & Outrageously Stunning DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make





You know that euphoric feeling that you get after completing a workout?

Well, if you’ve done a DIY project before, you’ll know the same abundance of joy of accomplishment comes when you make something yourself.

Just imagine when when friends pop by and say “Oh I really like that, where’d you get it?” and you can say “Oh thanks, I made it!”

But….. there’s always a but.

There’s a fine line between DIYs where no one would know, and things that look crafty… which just aren’t that cool.

That’s why I’ve spent weeks trolling the web and thousands of DIY tutorials to create a roundup only the best DIY Home Decor projects, worthy of a place in your home.

Projects that are real simple, utterly beautiful quality, and look so good they could’ve been bought.

Warning! As you sit there reading this post, be prepared for the geyser of excitement that’ll shoot up from the endless possibilities, and high quality beauty the can be created with a bit of creativity.

Which one are you going to make?

1) Create a Feather Pendant from a Paper Lantern




This pendant has a beautiful softness to it because of the feathers. Be warned feathers aren’t exactly cheap. See if you can buy a bulk roll online.

The same process can be used to add fabric, long paper strips, and partridge paper circles. Check out the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.


2) Create a Beautiful Throw Pillow Out of a Table Runner



These are moments where I wish Target was in Europe. You could do this with almost any rug or runner though.

Check out Francois et Moi for the tutorial.


3) Create a Stunning Stand to Hang Your Jewellery




Simple, stunning, architectural. You could create this in any colour you wanted with a bit of paint. Or switch out the wooden dowls for metal rods, and the zip ties for thin wire if you’re going metallic.

See the full tutorial at Monsters Circus.


4) Make a Fun Lamp Out of a Boring One and Old Toys




Take inspiration from Ryan McElhiney’s lamps and DIY one for yourself.  Simply paint then glue old toys to a simple lamp base. Use a spray primer and spray paint the toys all the same colour for the best effect. You could take the toys to a car painter if you want a super glossy finish.


5) Upholster a Rug As a Headboard




If you can find an amazing vintage rug for little money (see how to find amazing rugs for less here) then this can be a simple DIY and beautiful option for your bed. All you need to do is this:

  • Sew the very edges of three sides of the rug to another piece of fabric that can cover the back
  • Then get a piece of plyboard cut so that it can slide inside your fabric and rug snugly
  • Cut a piece of foam or some batting to so that it’s a 2cm smaller than the size of the wood on your edges and glue it to the wood. This will act as the padding for the headboard
  • Next, stand the wood up behind your bed. See if it’s tall enough. If not add a couple of strips of wood to the back of you main piece of wood which will act as legs and lift it up
  • Slide on your rug case over the wood and foam
  • Measure and evenly mark out the spaces for your tacks around the edge of your rug
  • Hammer in your tacks, and you’re done

Image via AD espana


6) Create An Orb Chandelier




Big pendants tend to live on the pricer side of interiors. If you’re wanting to create something yourself, this is an simple modern option that could be equally beautiful with brass wire too.

The one in the image doesn’t have the frame like his tutorial. If you do without it, you’ll need to solder the wire together. Taking you right back to metalwork class.

Check out the full tutorial on Homme maker.


7) Create Yourself a Rope Light




This Rope Light DIY project is so simple, it’ll take you less than 30mins to create. Check out how on A Merry Mishap.


8) Torch Your Tabletop for a New Look




You can apply this same technique to revamp any wooden furniture you have in a new way. It may need a new tool but the effect is more than worth it. Check out the tutorial over on the felted fox.


9) Create Small Bowls for Your Treasures from Gold Leaf and Paper Mache




The feeling of handmade items with a bit of luxury is coming back again and again. This simple tutorial from Kelli Murray shows you how to make the perfect little bowls for bedside tables. This could also be great in salt dough.


10) Make a Canopy Bed Out of Driftwood and Fabric




Take inspiration from this beautiful house of designer Melissa Webster and hang two sticks of driftwood to the ceiling with strings and hooks, then drape any soft fabric you like. Use a couple of drawing pins to keep the fabric in place.


11) Create Yourself Some Concrete Vases




The raw texture of concrete is perfect paired with other more polished and glossy pieces. Fill them with flowers or greenery for a simple and beautiful display. See the full video tutorial from Home Made Modern here.


12) Gold Coat the Ikea Vittsjo Shelving Unit




This particular Ikea shelving unit I have seen in many colours and finishes. The simple lines work well in almost any interior.

Check out Honey Sweet Home for a good gold leaf tutorial.


13) Make a Lounger Out of Logs




Ok, this one is a little more complex to complete but look at it. You’re talking about statement making pieces of furniture here. See the full tutorial at Homemade-Modern.


14) Make Rope Coil Vessels




Can be done in many colours and have seen the top row with loops for handles. See full details on the red thread blog.


15) Create a Veneer Pendant Light For Your Dining Room




I’ve worked with veneer before and it is very simple to work with. You can cut it with scissors and hole punch in the space for the chord and lamp base.

This idea could also be really beautiful if you gold leaf the inside side of the wood veneer.


16 ) Make Your Own Bar Area Out of an Ikea Kitchen Cabinet




I love the details of this cabinet. Not only does it look good here  check out the inside at Brittany Makes.


17) Make a Watercolour Portrait of Your Loved Ones




This tutorial on Grow Creative shows you how if you can draw within the lines you can definitely do this.


18) Create a Super Long Modern Media Stand with Ikea Cabinets




This Finnish homeowner purchased multiple Ikea kitchen cabinets and a top surface to create this super long, very low lying media unit.

They installed a baseboard but this could be equally beautiful if you bolt them to the wall and leave them floating.


19) Build a Copper Pipe Ladder to Hang Your Tea Towels, Blankets, Magazines, and Towels




If you’ve got a narrow wall that needs something in any room of the house. A ladder uses up the vertical space and costs relatively little. Plus it’s perfect for storing beautiful blankets, magazines, towels, or clothing.

Check out how it’s done on Brittany Makes.


20) Make Large Scale Art Out of a Pretty Shower Curtain




House of Jade made this enormous artwork using a pretty shower curtain they liked the pattern of. This is a very cheap way to get a lot of visual impact for your dollar.


21) Make a Statement Mirror Out of an Ikea Mirror and H&M Belts





If you’ve been loving these mirrors but don’t want to spend two hundred plus dollars to get one. Do as Sarah Widman did and make one with a cheap Ikea mirror and some H&M leather belts.


22) Create a Chandelier Out of Cut Glass Decanters




This one was an etsy product (no longer available). To make it pick up old decanters in glass from thrift shops and take them to your local glass place to cut off the bottoms and polish the edge. With this done you simply get a strong cord and a nice lamp holder to string through the neck of the bottle and into the ceiling.

You could get clever with this and buy a vintage fitting with five drops like this out of one ceiling base to use to hang the decanters from.


23) Create 3D Mirrored Wall Art




Anything like this, the more you can make the better, as it creates a bigger impact when it takes over the wall.

This size is perfect to be part of a larger gallery wall or a smaller display. Check out the full tutorial at Monsters Circus.


24) Make a Mini Chandelier




This is all about sexy chords and mirrored bulbs. You can buy a huge range of chords now in many colours to suit. Wrapping your chords is also an option if you can’t find that perfect pantone.

See the full tutorial on Design Sponge.


25) Get Inspired by Martin Pyper and Make Art with Pins




Pins are cheap, patience is required. The effect is truly beautiful though. Check out more of Martin Pypers work here.


26) Create Precious Stone Soaps to make your Bathroom Look Beautiful




Good gifts and they add a bit of colour to your bathroom. See the tutorial on Fall for DIY.


27) Gold Foil your Pillows




A super simple tutorial that elevates a plain cushion in less than 30 minutes. Paint the cushion how you want. A moon shaped circle could be nice, or plus signs.

Check out the tutorial on Design Love Fest.


28) Hang Up Scarfs as Art




Vintage stores are full of them. Find one you like and you have instant art with scale for much much less. This one is an art scarf found by Kate on Design Sponge see the full article there for some other places to purchase art scarfs.


29) Create a Modern Dog Bowl












Elevate your dog bowl in a modern mid-century way with Curbly DIY tutorial.


30) Turn An Old Washing Machine Drum Into An Awesome Fire Pit




Old washing machines are easy to come by in junk yards. For this one you’ll probably need the help of a metal work place. But for one hours work you get yourself something pretty incredible. See the full tutorial on House & Fig.


31) Create A Table Lamp Out Of Paper Plates




This is the ultimate how to make something beautiful on the cheap. If you can I’d go of a shorter stemmed light with a bigger base. But it really depends what’s possible to get.

Check out the tutorial on creadoo.


32) Make Your Own Gold Bookends




In Ibiza they do this on the side of the road so you can direct friends to look out for the driveway with the blue rock.

They also make great doorstops. Simply find the right rock and spay paint them whatever colour you wish.

Image via The Glitter Guide.


33) Create Marble Looking Black Coasters




Adhesive backed felt and plasticine are all you need for this easy DIY project from Homey Oh My.


34) Create An Inspiration Board With Chicken Wire




Simply hang some wire to the wall with three picture hooks up the top. Add hangers clips and inspiration to complete the look.

There’s no tutorial for this one but you can check out more the inspiring space here.


35) Make this Incredible Wooden Bed Frame




Get inspired by Katie Schielbeck and make yourself a bed. This bed is simple to make, but isn’t cheap because solid wood like this costs. It’s a true forever piece though.

Buy a solid log for the base, and planks for the bed head and bed platform which can be screwed or glued all together.


36) Create Privacy with Lace and Cornflour




The simple alternative to frosting your windows and much more bohemian. Check out the tutorial on Handmania.


37) Upgrade Your Mousepad With Rose Gold Leather


rose gold leather


You only need cork sheet and some leather. Check out how to do it on Earnest Home Co.


38) Create A Bespoke Looking Built In Bookcase with Cheap Ikea Shelves




Made with Ikea Billy Bookcases and boxed in with moulding makes the whole custom built book cases so much cheaper.

See the full tutorial on The Makerista.


39) Create a Modern Chandelier That Makes a Statement




I’d lose the ceiling rose to keep it clean and modern but this approach is an easy way to make a dramatic statement. You simply need multiple cords and light bulbs, ceiling hooks, and an electrician to install the multiple connections into the ceiling.


40) Create a Statement with Where You Hang Your Clothes




Simply thread strong chord through between hangers and tie them in the middle to a ceiling hook.


41) Use Washi Tape Instead of Frames




Frames can be pricey, I love this stylish yet simple alternative from Design Sponge.


42) Create a Modern and Cushiony Headboard




Inspired by the Ace Hotel this cushiony incredibly modern and luxurious feeling headboard was made with a bit of sewing and a lot of stuffing. Check out the tutorial on The Brick House.


43) Create Storage Containers Out of Lego




Fun, playful, modern. Lately I’ve seen lego building even kitchen islands. Check out the home where this came from in Houzz.


44) Make Art With Nature




This is a simple frame made with double sided glass which is perfect for this kind of art. Leaves tend to last and last. I’ve had a palm leaf in the bathroom for over a month and it looks the same as the first day so can imagine this would last just as long.

Check the tutorial on Monsters Circus.


45) Knit Your Sticks Some Jumpers to Create Art That Fills a Corner




You could knit, crochet, or wrap with cord any sticks in the colours you love to create this kind of look.  It needs multiples like this to work visually though so make sure you can find enough sticks and threads.

Image via Julie Ansiau.


46) Create Polka Dot Pillowcases With a Pencil Eraser




A pencil eraser is the perfect stamp for polka dots. Dress up your existing linens with fabric paint for a new look. You can also do this with potato stamps to create all sorts of designs.

Check out the tutorial on creature comforts.


47) Create Custom Wallpaper Looks with Tape On Your Walls




Simple, and easy to do in done under an hour with Washi tape. This tutorial from Emily Blog is really graphic and effective. I’ve also seen this done as stripes, chevrons, and interesting diamond patterns. Or with foil tape like below from Kara Paslay Design.




48) Create Art with Simple Marbling




This is an easy no fail way to create goodlooking art. Check out the tutorial on Elegantly Untamed.


49) Create an Interesting Stand For Your Terracotta Pot




There’s no DIY tutorial with this but it’s not hard to make a cube out of timber. Get your local hardware shop to cut it all to length to save you time if needed.


50) Create a Tufted Sofa Out of a Ikea Karlstad Sofa




Tufted sofa’s can be expensive. Oh Everything Handmade shows us how to do it with an Ikea sofa.


51) Create a Modern Statement Making Hand Mirror




This would also be great with a thicker wooden dowl base. And if you don’t have a skill saw a hand saw will do if you’re careful and accurate. See the tutorial on The Merry Thought.


52) Make Coasters Out of Cork




You can use this same method to create placemats also. Check out how to create them on My Dubio.


53) Paint Stones as Decorative Items For the House




They can be fun and playful like the ones above or a bit more bohemian with patterns and mandalas.


54) Paint or Tape Your Stairs with Stripes




This one is done with carpet but I’ve seen it also done with paint and tape for a more modern feeling.


55) Create an Odd Candle Stick or a Place to Display Your Jewellery




Repurpose your kitchen gloves by pouring a micro cement or plaster into them to make an interesting space to display your items. See more here.


56) Get Yourself Organised By Creating a Chalkboard Calendar




So simple yet so effective. See how to create it plus other good chalkboard ideas at Martha Stewart.


57) Ombre Dye Your Wooden Spoons




This is perfect to add some interest to salad servers. These ones you can purchase but it would be just as easy to dye them yourself in whatever colour you love. Check out how to dye wood here.


58) Get Creative With Paint and Paint Your Boring Cabinet in New Designer Store Ways




I’ve been in love with the cabinet on the left of a while and making it is as simple as buying an old vintage cabinet and painting on a pattern with gel paint followed by a clear coat.  The key here is finding the right old cabinet to do it on.

Another option is to completely paint it out a cabinet like the image below (actually a headboard).




59) Temporarily Wallpaper Your Walls With Fabric Without Damaging Them




Using fabric as wallpaper opens up so many options for renters. Click here for the tutorial on how to apply the fabric to your walls.


60) DIY Yourself a Hanging Clothing Rail




These rails I’ve seen in copper too, as well as a large scale towel hanging rack in a high ceiling bathroom. Check out more info about this particular one on My Dubio.


I’d love to know, which one are you going to make? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,




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