5 Simple Changes That’ll Turn Your Lacklustre Bedroom Into The Ultimate Cosy Haven




Do you ever feel like you never have a moment for yourself? As we become mothers it’s even less.

Your private time reduces, the idea of sitting in the sun and reading a book let-alone a magazine undisturbed hardly happens.

It’s in these moments that the bedroom becomes the one, semi private quiet space away from the toys and to-do-lists. The retreat, the reprieve, the cosy haven.

It’s also usually the last room in the house to be decorated. Why do we leave one of the most important gift’s to ourself, our space to relax and unwind until the end?


It doesn’t have to be that way. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either.

It’s surprisingly simple to transform that blah bedroom of yours into the ultimate cosy haven you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s how:

1) Transform Your Bed Into a Place You Never Want to Leave

Your bed is almost always going to be the focal point of your bedroom so it is the fastest way to transform the feeling of your room.

Switch up your bedding to something soft and sensuous, something you want to have by your skin. High quality sheets do that but it won’t give you that visual feel of coziness. A big puffy duvet inner will though, as well as puffy pillows.

See how in the image below, it’s the layering of pillows and soft duvet that makes you want to jump right in.

Yeah I know this lots of pillows thing can be a little overdone, but they style it like this when selling duvet covers because it really works. That puffiness makes it look cosy and inviting, and is what makes you want to get in it.

Market your bed to yourself ladies 🙂




2)  How to Up-The-Ante on Coziness

If you want to go even further and make your bed the ultimate cosy haven there is one more step that’ll really make it wonderful.

Add a blanket, or throw with a lot of texture.

Adding a textural throw contrasts with the rest of the smooth bedding, it’s this contrast that makes the whole thing come to life and you feel really cosy.

It’s a good idea to go for something that is also wonderful on the skin. Because every time you have it against you it’ll reinforce the cosy feeling.

You could also bring this idea further into your room by draping a sheepskin over a chair in your bedroom, or add a textured pouf.




3) The Easiest Way to Transform the Feeling of Your Room

Colour is one of the easiest ways to change the feeling of a room – a warm grey, deep dark colours, creams, and taupes rather than whites often create this beautiful cosy feeling.

A clean bright white will not give you this feeling, nor will bright colours.

Also, I say it all the time but paint all the walls, trim, and the ceiling the same colour. It will feel more cosy and enveloping that way.

The other option is to go for a wallpaper with a texture, or wood panelling.  Texture instantly helps to warm the feeling of your space up like being in a wonderful cabin.




4) How to Create Cosy and Inviting Bedroom Lighting

The second best way to transform the mood of a room is to change the lighting. Direct ceiling lighting doesn’t tend to feel warm and inviting unless you put those lights on a dimmer switch.

However table lamps beside the bed with a low wattage light bulb inside them, is an easy way to start creating a warm and cosy mood.

Same too with other indirect lighting in the room. If you take a look next time you’re in a hotel you’ll see that they get this warm inviting affect because usually they have uplighting behind the bedhead that shines up the wall, and a floor lamp in the other corner.

The easiest way to do this for your bedroom is to add another table lamp or floor lamp in one of the other parts of your room with a lampshade on it.




5) How to Make Your Bedroom Quiet and Relaxing

For a bedroom to feel relaxing, it clearly needs to be quiet. While wooden floors can be oh so beautiful, they can also be noisy, especially in your bedroom.

To break the sound, and warm up the room, a rug is your best friend here. Pick something that feels nice underfoot, and has some texture or pattern to it.

The texture and pattern will add that little something special. Plain rugs tend to read as flat and boring visually, unless they are in a striking colour.




So this is what you’ll be looking at to create this new cosy haven:

  • Puffy duvet covers and cushions
  • A warm and cosy throw blanket
  • A new wall and ceiling colour
  • Table lamps and floor lamps with low level lights inside
  • A warm and inviting rug underfoot


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It could be as simple as new duvet inner, a can of paint, lower light levels, a throw blanket, or even a sisal rug that’ll make all the difference.

So much love,


Published by: Rach Bryant

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