5 Little Known Secrets To A Stunning Home


Yay! Your stylish, and you’re ready for your home to be stunning. But there’s a niggling voice….

Can I afford the look I want?

I’m not that creative…

What if I spend all this money, time and energy, and it still looks lame?

Yup! We all have budget restrictions and self-doubts, and contrary to what most people think both limited funds and self-doubts are not a problem.

It’s how you allocate the money and what you do when self doubt sets in, that makes all the difference.


How to use your interior budget the right way

Sadly most of us have been trained by society to believe that a high end interior is only possible if we are rich/creative and if we buy the most expensive items. So we put it off, waste our money on nicknacks, and buy cheap in-the-meantime furniture which we spend every day afterwards hating!

Did you know that some of the most popular interiors on the web didn’t cost as much as you think, nor were they done by interior designers? Here are my top 5 interior design secrets to get you started right now.



SECRET 1: How to ensure I’m not wasting cash on the wrong purchases?

Can’t figure out what to buy? Worried you will buy the wrong thing and not be able to return it?

Style uncertainty is a stubborn mental block that prevents many would-be-style-superstars from achieving interior success.

If you’ve been paralyzed by feeling uncertain about whether your interior choices are really you. Then you’re not alone. Even the top designers like Jonathan Adler doubt their ideas. He said

“I am plagued by self doubt and self criticism and you have to power through it because thats how stuff ends up good. If I were defeated by the first incarnation of a product, nothing would ever get done”

So how do you power through?

The key is working out whether your body is saying Nooooo, or you’re just doubting yourself because of the fear of being out of your comfort zone.

With these simple strategies you’ll have it clear in no time. Here’s how….

Strategy 1: Tap into your intuition 

And by that I really mean check in to how your body feels.

If you really love something you should feel like your body is excited, like there is a forward movement and openness in your body

On the other hand if it’s a no, it should feel clunky, your face will feel tighter and your body more closed up.

If you’re still struggling, then my the second strategy should help.

Strategy 2: Walk Away.

When I find myself really unsure of an purchase I’ve always found it helpful to take distance and distract my mind my looking at other things.

If I’m still thinking about the item a few shops on, or the next day then I know I have to get it. And you know what, it’s ALWAYS right.

Now here’s what I want you to do…. look at an item or area in the room your in. Feel your body’s reaction to it… are you feeling open or shutdown??

Congratulations, you’ve just tapped into your creative intuition! It should hold you in good stead for always picking the best purchases.



SECRET 2: How to know what to buy?

Feel like it’s all so expensive? You start spending but don’t know where or what to spend on?

Shopping for your interior for the first, hell even the second or third time, can be uber confusing.

Yup! Totally normal because learning anything new takes time. Imagine putting on clothing for the first time. The likelihood of creating a stunning outfit on the first go is lets face it, unlikely to happen.

Don’t worry though, I’m definitely not for wasting time and money.Here’s the interior designers secret to knowing what you want, and getting it right, first time!

It’s called virtually shopping your interior. And I mean ALL of your interior. From the big items to the lamps and accessories before you buy anything.

Myself and other interior designers do this because it gives us a chance to test different combinations and colours. Here’s why you should too…

When you virtually shop, it’ll help you get clearer on your style without spending money and regretting it. Afterwards you will also know what home-items are worth so you never waste money again.

A good resource for storing your virtual shopping is with keep.com. You can add the ‘keep button’ to your browser and instantly add items from web-shops into your keep account, which basically looks like a pinterest page with prices. Very handy

I personally like to create a ‘keep’ folder for each room so I get a feeling for the room at a glance and can tweak it accordingly.

So jump ahead, set up your account and get started.


SECRET 3: How do I create an interior that’s jaw-dropping?

So you’ve listened to your intuition about what you like, you’ve virtually shopped your heart out, and found your style. How do you put it together in a way that’s seriously beautiful?

If your place is feeling blah, it’s feeling flat, or one note then this will be most likely why.

Secret number 3 is about creating wow moments. Which is simpler than you might think.

Blowing people away requires that you’re drawing their eye in lots of various directions when they walk in a room.

That means you’ll need (ideally) three large and beautiful pieces that capture the eyes attention per room.

It could be a large ornate mirror, a huge pendant light, a beautiful view, a supersized plant, a fireplace, a striking artwork, patterned wallpaper, a brightly coloured chair, pick 3 things you really love!

These are your statement pieces, I’d recommend you decide on them early and make them something beautiful, unique, grand in scale.

Plan to position them spread out through the room. If they’re too close together they start fighting for attention and you won’t get the WOW affect.

Vintage stores, galleries, or designer stores, second hand websites or craft sites are great ways to get something one off for less.

Is there an item you’ve been lusting after for a while… Here’s a great moment to go for it.

Just watch the budget! Which we are tackling in secret 4.



SECRET 4: How do I make maximum use of my budget?

Yes, almost all of us have a budget. And even the richest friends I know still don’t think their budget is enough.

So where do you save and where should you splurge? What will give you your biggest bang for your decorating buck?

These are my 3 key strategies to Maximising your interiors budget :

Strategy 1: Lots of people say splurge on the large furniture items like sofas, and dining tables. But a lot of the most shared interior photos, have ikea sofas and tables that don’t cost a lot.

The large furniture stores are getting better and better so you don’t need to blow your budget just buying the big furniture items.

Buy instead some big items in simple modern shapes and save the rest of your money to  buy quality accessories and statement pieces.

Strategy 2: Buy some luxurious pieces to elevate the big basics. In secret 3 we talked about having statement pieces for your room. They can be a great place to splurge. But are not the only place

Think ornate pieces, designer furniture or lighting, polished metal, big coffee table books, large scale artwork, rugs, and luxurious fabrics or materials. These will all help to elevate your interior so that it looks way more expensive than it is.

Strategy 3: Make your home look more bespoke while saving money by buying vintage items.

Thrift shopping can save you lots of cash and is the best way to have a home that is original and not cheap looking.

Look for items with a great shape. You can always paint them or refinish them, but shape is forever.

They also help to ground your home making it less ‘new’ and catalogue feeling.

So now,

  • You’ve worked out how to trust you inner designer on what to buy.
  • You know that virtually shopping your home will help save you time and money by clarifying your style.
  • You’ve learnt the power of statement pieces, and thought about your own
  • You know how to maximize your budget by being thrifty with vintage items, buying big furniture items from major retailers, and adding luxurious accessories and statement pieces.

Now, I’ve got the final secret to making your home look as good as if it’s done by an interior designer.



SECRET 5: How to make my home look cohesive and not crazy?

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know how to put all the items together in a way that looks good and pleases you? Or you like colour or something really different but don’t know how to pull it off?

If you do then you’ll recognize it’s silent-but-deadly interior killing abilities.

It’s that voice that yells uncertainty when you want to go for that bolder than normal colour. The one that you listened to when you choose the safe route for your walls.

Sadly, it also leads to chronic creative wuss outs. That’s when you never actually do anything for your interior because you are too afraid to make the wrong decisions.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Secret number 5 is the key for your home to look pulled together. And it’s with colour.

Colourful interiors show good design skills and sophistication with colour makes your home look like it’s been done by a professional.

Heres how to get it right:

Step 1 – Pick a set of main colours and accent colours and keep to it. Sticking to a colour scheme means that no matter what the era of furniture or differences in finishing it all looks like it’s meant to be there.

Step 2 – Add in some neutrals to give the eye the break. If you love colours on the walls it’s important to incorporate some furniture or accessory items in neutral shades to give the eye a rest.

For darker wall colours light coloured neutrals items work well, for brighter colour walls darker neutrals like a black chair really help to ground it and create sophistication.

Step 3 – Evenly sprinkle your accent colours around the room so it looks purposeful not accidental.

By that I mean….A bit of orange in a painting, as well as an orange book on the coffee table, and orangey red colour in your patterned cushions.

This will make the accents not look like rudolfs red nose in the dark night.

So, have you thought about your colours? Do you know the ones that make your heart sing? If you not here are a few free resources…

  1. Find your interior colours with my Free Interior Design Paint Guide for non interior designers here.
  2. Learn more about how to Mix and Match Colours in your interior here.

As we wrap up 5 Secrets To Creating A Stunning Home Without Breaking The Bank, I want to leave you with this….


You can do this. I believe in you. I believe in your ability to create a stunning home that feels right to you.

Trust your instincts and stick with it. You’re creative, you’re smart. So everything else is just a bit of learning.

Unleash that stylish voice. We want to hear you!

With all my love and best wishes,


Published by: Rach Bryant

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