5 Days Till Christmas: Easy Sustainable Christmas Decorating to Be Proud Of

branch christmas tree

easy sustainable christmas decorating

Sustainable Christmas decorating. What better thing to do, than to give to the earth, during the festive time of giving, Christmas.

Inspiring friends, family, and helping your kids understand our earths importance.

You want to do it, BUT, and here marches in the long line of fair excuses…. let’s look at them.

Christmas is busy enough, if only you had the time to actually pull off a sustainable Christmas. There’s so many things to think about and do at this time of year!

While it does seem laborious, It actually doesn’t take more time at all to create the switch, and going eco can actually save you time, without losing the feeling of Christmas.

Over the last five days in the countdown to Christmas, I’ll be showing you how to do Christmas the sustainable way. In less time than normal, and with less stress.

Today were starting with the Christmas decorating…. just incase you haven’t done it yet.

Actually friends of ours have a tradition. The Christmas tree goes up on the 24th.. So you’re early 🙂


Fuss-Free & Sustainable Christmas Trees

Save the real tree, and opt out of a plastic one (unless you already have it) for something much more sustainable. Branches.

Down our street there’s a tree that got battered in the last storm, it’s sitting there with branches for the taking.

Plonk them in a vase, or pull a potted tree you already have from outside, in, and decorate them something like below.


potted tree christmas tree


branch christmas tree




Think of the time and hassle this is saving you. Not only don’t you have to drag a tree from a farm/ store into you car, then home. You also don’t have to worry about disposing of it.

Got a fake tree? Enjoy it, look after it until its caput, and if you’re simply over it, donate it.

Other sustainable tree options. Check out my previous post on the best DIY Christmas trees.

So once you’ve got the tree lets talk about the sparkle.


The Most Sustainable Christmas Lighting

The most sustainable Christmas lights are LED, because they’ll last you years and years, and use little power. Plus they’re so beautifully dainty.

This type are my favourites.


sustainable christmas lighting

If you’ve got lights already, using them again and again until they don’t have any more chance of survival, before disposing of them responsibly is the most ecological thing you can do.

For the rest of the room, either LED replacement lights in a low wattage (not so bright) and a warm white colour are the cosiest.


sustainable candles


But nothing can really beat the flicker of candlelight.

For the most sustainable natural candles, I use natural beeswax candles, as they really are the only candles that are the most sustainably produced. Read more about why that is here.

But before you do that let’s talk finishing touches.

Sustainable Christmas Decorations

If you’ve already got baubles go with what you’ve got. Otherwise there’s plenty of natural decoration options you could buy, just like you would any other normal bauble.

My favourite sustainable items are:

Ceramic & Glass: I have the most beautiful ceramic white bird Christmas tree ornaments, and metallic glass baubles that I have for years now.

They’re so classic that they get used year after year, and there’s something special about investing a little more, in quality decorations you won’t get bored of.


sustainable christmas ornaments


Flowers: Beautiful all over your house and even in your tree. Raid your garden for whatever you can find or splurge at the flower market.




Acorns, Pinecones, Nuts: Natural things always look pretty whether that be strung as a garland, or simply strewn on a tray.

natural garland

If you’re worried about it costing more, you’ve just got yourself an extra $30+ stuffing your wallet that you’d have probably spent on a real tree.

Like the sound of that? Want further savings?

There’s so many sustainable bauble options that can cost you next to nothing,  and take under a half hour to make. Less, if you get your family and friends around.

Plus, items you made together, are that much more memorable.

From….fabric scraps….




…to paper ornaments….


diy paper sustainable ornaments


….and stuff thats edible.


edible sustainable christmas ornaments


There’s so many on Pinterest.

Food doesn’t have to cost you more either. Check back in for how I do a sustainable Christmas food shop, with zero extra hassle tomorrow.


Published By: Rach Bryant

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