3 Ideas That’ll Transform Your Awkward Space Into Design Perfection




Here’s the scene: You’ve been looking for ages for a home, a place that feels like you, then you finally find the one. It’s like falling in love.

Your heart begins to flutter. You get jealous at the very idea that someone might love it too, so buy that place up before anyone get’s a chance.

Then you move in, and with time, the rose coloured glasses start to come off. You realise the space has a few weird nooks and crannies and yes the house has charm but over the years of renovations you’re left with a few non perfect walls and odd spots.

The ideas of what to do with them aren’t really flowing and you just try to kinda ignore it in the hopes that it’ll go away.

But then it doesn’t.

In actual fact that weird nook that you’ve been fighting against, could be your ticket to creating a room that drops-your-jaw to the floor.

Today I’ve rounded up some inspiration from some of the most beautiful interiors on the internet, to show you how to do it.

How To Transform An Awkward Space Into Something Beautiful

1. Give it a purpose

By giving your odd spaces a function, it gives the impression that your odd space was designed specifically for that reason.

This gorgeous Berlin apartment featured in AD Spain, uses an otherwise awkward and small narrow space, as a beautiful library and workspace.



Just as this long (otherwise boring) hallway below from Build AU also becomes a purposeful place to read by the window.



Or this odd built out corner of an apartment designed by Rosa Beltran (photographed by Marc Royce) becomes a reading nook by the simple addition of a chair, lamp, and side table.



2) Create custom built-ins in recessed nooks

Many nooks and room cutouts can be hard t look much better built out into custom storage or workspaces.

The below house (seen in share design) created custom shelving around the fireplace, to cover up the radiator and display beautiful objects.



Just as this home (on nicety) does the same to use up blank recessed spaces either side of the fireplace.



Or this gorgeous use of a weird architectural feature that this stunning home created (found on Decor Demon)



3) Create beautiful displays in unused areas

Sloped ceilings and non-used spaces are perfect areas to add personality to your home. Just add a few decorative elements, and you’re done.

Kelly Wearstler does this beautifully with the stairway landing in her home, below.



Stuck with a space under the stairs? Don’t forget to decorate it. The below house does it simply, and well.



And don’t forget between the doorways. These space between walkways can look abandoned if not decorated.

Interior designer Francois Champsaur transformed the below doorway with the use of black paint colour, and some simple shelves.



Or like the entranceway console below shows how it really elevates your space when you do it well.



The key is to never stop decorating. It’s using these frustrating spaces to your advantage, that’ll take you home to the next level.

Now, do you have an awkward space to decorate? How can you fill it? Let me know in the comments below.

Above all, I hope you’re getting it that, no matter what problem you might be having with your interior. You really have it within you, to create a beautiful solution.

Much love,


Published by: Rach Bryant


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