3 Days Till Christmas: Eco-Friendly Christmas Presents You Actually Want

eco friendly gifts


eco-friendly christmas planets

We are passed the 80s. Thank goodness! The more is more of cars, things, and decadent food…. deep fried camembert anyone? I mean seriously, we ate that! It’s simply no longer the case.

Now it’s cool to drive your eco car, eat organic food, buy sustainable products, and have a zero-waste home. Possibly even grow your own veggies.

And have a Christmas table something like this…


natural classic christmas style table

Branch Candelabra, Cloth Napkin, Placemat, Rose Quartz Serving Platter, Silver Cutlery,
Chocolate Hazelnut Pavlova Recipe, White Bowl, White Dinner SetCranberry Wreath DIY


So if you’re anything like me trying to do a last minute rush arounds for presents, but cringe at the idea of buying stuff that people may, or may not like. Or anything that has the slightest possibility of ending up in a landfill, here’s the plan.

Experiences trump things always and if they go wrong at least it’s one of those experiences you can laugh about for years to come.

… remember when you bought me that spa day, and they scrubbed us so hard we had scratches down our legs for a week.. worst present ever hahaha.

You get the point.

For guys:

Take your pick. It could be driving a fast car he has his eye on around a race track, a motorcycle lesson from BMW if he loves the ‘long way around’, tickets to a concert of their favourite band or dj training, a golf day on a famous course, or to be a fighter pilot for a day.

Is he sporty? Take him to do something adventurous like skydiving or white water rafting.

For girlfriends or your mum:

Spa days together, foodie courses, or wine courses, an organic food gift basket that’ll be eaten all up, a photography course that you can do together, interior design courses, painting courses, makeup courses, concerts, and theatre tickets.

It could even mean, organising a babysitter and taking her out for dinner somewhere special.

For smaller physical gifts here are some of the most eco friendly options.

Anything glass, recycled glass, vintage glass, or vintage crystal is a great option.

eco friendly grow glass planter




For foodies wine, stylish eco shopping bags for the farmers market, or anything that grows.

There’s some really special ‘grow your own’ options for even the most gourmet of your friends, that can be grown even in apartments.




Also wood, leather, ceramics, metals, stone, and natural fibres, which leaves you a lot of options.

It could be jewellery, homeware products are super easy, leather bags and folders, wool, cotton, linen or silk clothing, even natural beauty products in metal cases like this Burt’s Bees miracle salve.

You can use this dude as a body moisturiser, on your split ends or frizzy hair, and to get rid of cuts and burns.




And don’t forget paper products like books, board games, or wooden and fabric toys for kids. I just saw the cutest Comme Des Garçons teddy bears while I was wandering around in Tokyo today.




Or for the science lovers of us, watch a complete self-sustaining, and self-contained eco system in a beautiful glass dome. The apparently last two years, but its not uncommon for it to last up to 7years.


eco friendly gifts


Hope this has helped you realise that the options are truly expansive, when it comes to finding eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.

Most likely you already have some eco-friendly ones under your tree.

Good on you 🙂


Published By: Rach Bryant

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