How To Make 2016 “The Year”


If the idea of 2016 being “just another year!” makes your body feels like its been crumpled up like paper and tossed into the rubbish.

It’s time to do things differently.

After all, Imagine 2016 being “the year” where you actually achieve all those things you’ve been struggling against. 

You finally get healthy, fit, and looking your best. You toss old habits out as easily as you would a piece of junk mail.

You make insane progress on your biggest goal, totally nailing it.

You create a home you absolutely adore, expressing your creativity more than ever, and you finish the year wealthier, happier, healthier, and more connected than you’ve ever been before.


What Would it Take to Create a Year Like This?

Well surprisingly, it’s to not make a goal like this. In fact the key is NOT making a goal in the traditional sense at all.

I’ve made the hugest changes from devouring muffins for breakfast to now salad for breakfast in summer simply by making tiny incremental changes. And it has stuck.

What researchers are finding is that it’s much easier to change habits, and evoke long lasting change when you break them into teeny tiny new life rules.

For example, if you want to lose weight, a teeny tiny change could be every time you use the sink in the kitchen do 20 squats, or as soon as you get out of bed, you put on your running shoes….

You don’t even need to run. Just get in the automatic habit of putting on your running shoes.

Once that’s nailed, then it could be go outside. Gradually adding to each little habit until its one automatic habit to put on your running shoes and run every morning.

The idea is to make it so instinctual that it happens just like brushing your teeth happens. Everyday, regardless of how you feel.

Now, you may feel that this kind of habit change will take forever to really achieve what you want to, yet in actual fact this process is proven to make real long lasting change vs almost all other studies of habit change.

The reason being, is that willpower is limited, and our natural resistance to change is strong. Therefore picking something super easy that you’ve got almost no internal resistance to, and building on that, makes achieving your goals much more likely.

The question is then, which habit to start with.


How to Pick the Right Small Habit For You

No matter what your goal there is always a small step that you can take. Here’s  how to figure out the true right step for you.

Pick 3 big goals that if you achieved them this year, would be major wins for you.

Be a bit audacious with this, I mean if you’re going to create a habit you might as well create a habit that’ll take you to a life of your wildest dreams, right?

Then look at the daily habits that you could create to make this happen.

For income: it could be starting a side business by spending an hour each week night on your project. Starting out with the smallest habit of maybe just sitting down in front of your laptop and opening a document. Not even writing in it.

Learning a language could be listening to those classes in the car. One habit could be to simply put it in the cd player.

Something more intangible like changing the way you talk to yourself could be to sit after waking up and eventually completing a 5 minute meditation. Or opening a diary to eventually write your thoughts.

Renovating your home could be as simple as taking 30 mins every weekend to do one small task and could start with simply getting out your tools.

So write down your three big goals for 2016 now, you may already know them. Then, put beside each one, a habit that you could create that would help make this happen.

Now, beside that habit look at the smallest (so easy its almost laughable) version of that habit that you could start with, and start with that today.

But how do you ensure you continue doing it?


The Key to Ensuring You Follow Through

Just like if a boat isn’t anchored in a bay it could float off anywhere, so too can your habits.

They’re much more likely to get noticed and done when you anchor your new habit to an already existing strong point in your day and set your space for that.

These strong points are things you already do automatically like get out of bed, clean your teeth, open the refrigerator, opening the front door, showering, and so on.

So couple your new tiny habit directly before, after, or during your existing habit so it doesn’t get forgotten.

It’s also a good idea to put whatever will aid you habit in the location that you’ll do it. For instance, in Japan I bought this crazy elastic thing that reminds you to keep your shoulders back that sits right on my desk.

Im sick of hunching at the computer so I brought it to help me with creating a habit of better posture. It’s not the best looking thing, but as tempted as I am to hide it in my drawer I’ve put it directly on my desk, and linked the habit of putting it on, to when I open my computer.

I cover more specifically how to set up your home for your own success in my interior design for beginner ecourse which will be launching again soon,  but placing items specifically for new habits in reaching distance of use, is a good first step.

So now you should have your habit linked to something else that’ll remind you to do it, and have put your tools in place… Here’s now how to monitor your progress.


How to Monitor Progress & Manage Setbacks

Making progress on your habit is simple. Do the habit for one month, and see how it goes.

If your anchor point isn’t reminding you to do your habit, it’s not a fail, simply change the anchor point.

If the habit is too big and your not doing it, make it even smaller, until it’s almost ridiculous if you don’t do it.

If you’ve successfully made your action a habit, add a bit on to your habit to get it closer to the habit you eventually want.

And continue to maintain motivation.


How to Get Yourself Motivated to Consistently Follow Through On Your Goals

Just like a children who are praised for being good tend to do more good things, it works identically in adults.

The thing is you’ve got to give yourself that praise, because no one else will do it for you.

So, as stupid as it seems telling yourself “good job” or throwing a fist pump in the air saying “yesss” like the footballers do.

Do it!

It’ll give you more, and more, and more, momentum, now that’s a lot of momentum!

And more progress, and only good things will come from you feeling a little silly by giving yourself a “yay you” pat on the back.

So that’s the formula.

  • Decide the habit that’ll get you where you want to be,
  • Link that habit to something solid already in your schedule like brushing your teeth and place your tools right within reach.
  • Check in every month and adapt, or add to the habit you’ve created to make it more solid.
  • Every time you do your new habit, no matter how silly and small it is, celebrate it like you just won the gold medal at the olympics. Maybe even come up with your own crazy dance for it. Did you see Tom Cruise dance as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder?

Complete one of your little habits then see Cruise get his jiggy on by hitting play below.



So what’s the habit that you most want to create this year? If it’s anything to do with creativity, I dare you to let loose and dance along with Tom Cruise above.

There’s nothing like getting silly to get those creative juices flowing.

Actually, that’s why one thing I really want to achieve this year is to get out there more, and mooove.


Published By: Rach Bryant

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