22 Days Till Christmas: The Lie You’ve Been Told About Mixing Styles

22 days till christmas mixing styles


22 days till christmas mixing styles

Yayy! We’re counting down to Christmas and today is 22 days to go. If you have just joined us here’s what’s going down. I’ll be counting down the days to Christmas with a new Christmas style every day as well as giving you simple to complete actions to creating a beautiful interior and memorable Christmas.

We’ve been digging into how to find your style, and mixing multiple style personalities. Today lets look at the unsaid reality about mixing styles.

The internet tells us that you can mix any range of styles together into an eclectic interior. FALSE!

What they don’t tell you is that some styles are really difficult to mix together and could leave your home with a junk shop vibe of not the good kind.

Here’s what I mean…. Say you love the 80s, rounded edged furniture, pinks, pastels, and pops of neon colour with graphic patterns. Like so.


80s interior style


And…you love rustic traditional styles like farm tables, simple wooden furniture, countryside floral patterns, checks, and cast iron or copper accents. Like so.


rustic farmhouse interior style


Combine these two alone and it could start looking crazy pretty quick. Why? Because they’re both two very decorative and detailed styles.

Its much easier to mix a more ornate styles with more simple and clean styles as the simpler styles create a rest and the contrast between the simple and ornate creates an interior that is much more striking.


What styles are ornate and which styles are more simple?

Detailed or ornate styles are have a lot more going on than their simpler counterparts, and by that I mean, they’re more curvy, have more decorative details, and more patterns in general.

Examples or detailed styles are rustic styles like farmhouses, lodges, and cabins, traditional european styles like art deco, bohemian styles, The 70s, The 80s, and hollywood regency glamour.

Simple styles are much more clean lined, simply shaped and often square, they feel more sparse in general.

Examples of simple styles are japanese zen, minimalism, scandinavian style, contemporary style, industrial, and mid-century modern.


How does it work when your mixing styles together?

What you’ll find when you put them together is that it’ll make the more ornate heritage styles feel more fresh and up to date.

Take todays Christmas inspiration as an example.


modern french country christmas style

Vintage Glass Plates, Christmas Crackers, Rustic Metal Planter,
Mini Christmas Cakes, DIY Natural Wreath,  Snowberry Garland


We’ve gone a little french country and feminine but mixed that with contemporary cutlery (flatware),  and wine glasses as well as a modern clean striped Christmas crackers to make it feel more today.

It stops the whole table from feeling too themed, which ideally you want to avoid.

You’ll see this time and time again as I dish up different Christmas table styles over the next 21 remaining days.

But if you’re wondering…


What to do if you love more than one decorative or simple style, or even 10 different styles?

Then you’re one of the few set out with a style truly original. If this is the case then you have to ensure you have numerous connectors like we talked about yesterday. Especially colour.

Start playing with the various styles and items you like on one blank document as finding just the right mix on paper is free 🙂 Testing and trying different mixes in your home… not so much.

Take the item you picked from day one, and start playing around to create your Christmas style table now. Tomorrow we’re going to move on to Christmas tree styles.


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