2 Days Till Christmas: 18 Eco-Friendly Christmas Wrapping Ideas


18 eco friendly christmas wrapping ideas

2 Days to go…. It’s time to get wrapping!

Here’s how to do it beautifully and sustainably – and have a little creative fun along the way.

These are my favourite wrapping methods for pretty packaging that is the least harmful to the earth. And doesn’t compromise on a quality!


How To Re-Use Paper And Make It Look Expensive

The reason why this is possible, is because it isn’t the paper itself that makes a present look expensive, its how you decorate it.

A simple brown paper gift is sad on its own, but looks beautiful with a little foliage.


brown paper gift wrapping


And you can use any recycled paper as a base to your wrapping.

I often forget my shopping bag, or friends bring me things in paper bags. The quality paper they come in makes beautiful wrapping paper if you decorate it well.

Same with newspaper, recycled paper, and any other pretty paper you’ve got.




news paper wrapping paper


recycled wrapping paper


eco-friendly christmas wrapping






ornament on a gift bag




recycled packaging christmas wrapping


recycled christmas wrapping



Eco-friendly Fabric Wrapping Options

That said, it doesn’t even have to be paper, fabric is the most beautiful wrapping also.  Here’s some ideas I’m loving.




fabric gift wrapping


fabric wrapping for gifts




pillow case christmas wrapping


Eco Friendly Creative Gift Wrapping

And you can even stretch your creativity that bit further with these eco-friendly options.


eco friendly leaves gift wrapping



Or opt for any other re-usable kitchen or box container that your friends will love and keep.

Happy Holidays! And here’s today’s Christmas table inspiration, which just so happens to be my personal favourite.

the modern italian christmas

WreathCopper CutleryCheese BoardBlack CandlesticksBlack Plate,
White textured Side PlateFig RecipeWine GlassCopper BowlBlack Spoon


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