15 Days Till Christmas: 25 Stunning Faux & DIY Christmas Trees That You Can Make

Stunning DIY Christmas Trees


Stunning DIY Christmas Trees


While a traditional Christmas tree is always lovely lets be honest, sometimes it just isn’t practical.

Whether it be your dog who likes to rough and tumble with your tree, like it’s his best mate. Or your toddler who seems the most enchanted with the shiny glass baubles, a more practical tree can doesn’t have to be an ugly compromise.

I’ve spent hours sifting through DIY’s from the craftiest corners of the web to bring you twenty five beautiful faux or DIY Christmas trees that you can make.

The test: I post them only if I’d have them in my own home. Which ones do you like?


1) Acorn Or Nut Christmas Tree

Theres something so simple and natural about this tree. A grouping of three with different nuts would be beautiful in a rustic or white scandinavian interior.

Simply roll yourself a cardboard cone, and attach a bunch of nuts with a hot glue gun. See the original tutorial here.




2) Cardboard Cutout Christmas Tree

Modern and graphic this tree is perfect for clean and slightly minimalist interior.

You can see this has a brand, and I’ve been searching for who has it, even in the dust bunny locations of websites. To no avail.

I say DIY this out of a thick cardboard box with a really good craft knife.


DIY christmas tree


3) Glitter Dusted Magazine Christmas Trees

Sophisticated and simple to create. These folded magazine, or book Christmas Trees, work in all kinds of different spaces.

What I love about these is the gold and slight glitter dusting they’re given. Although you could easily spray paint these any colour you like.

See the full tutorial here.




4) Paper Cutout Christmas Trees

These take hours to make and your local decoration store is more than likely to have them. These oneshttp://www.anetteshus.com are the same as below but if you have an option of bigger sizes I say go as big as you can go.




5) Pinecone Christmas Tree

The secret to getting the pinecone christmas tree looking right is to start with large pinecones on the bottom and small ones at the top. Believe me I saw some baaad DIY’s for this before I found this one.




6) Rock Candy Christmas Trees

These trees look like crystal and are perfect if you love a neutral interior with a glamorous vibe. Check out the tutorial here.




7) DIY Natural Tabletop Tree

For a totally elegant and lush mini tree, it’s best to DIY your own. This is my favourite tutorial on how.


Oasis cut into cone shape, half finished.....Natural decor (Kathy Koellner).


8) Wooden Stick Tree

Eco friendly and fits the rustic interior styles that are making a big comeback in our shared human psyche at the moment. If you’re a handy DIYer or have a really handy hubby then this is a project for you. If not buy something similar like so.

How I’d do it?

  • Cut a flat wooden base of a couple of squares of plywood.
  • Drill a hole in the centre of the base and fix a metal threaded rod through the centre with a nut to attach the base to the rod.
  • Then drill holes the in centre of all the wooden branches and thread them onto the rod from largest to smallest. Base to the top.
  • Finally screw a nut down to keep the branches firmly together between the top and the base.
  • Attach a star on the top to cover the rest of the metal rod.



9) Space Saving Real Tree

Short on space this is the perfect option for apartments, or if you simply don’t want a full real tree.

Forage your garden or the local flower market for lengths of greenery that you can pin or nail to the wall. See the full tutorial here.




10) Paper Doily Tree

Tape beautiful paper doilies of various sizes to your window to create a yourself a Christmas tree.




11) Painted Christmas Tree On Brown Paper

This one below is a little one, but it would be just as easy to paint one large Christmas tree on brown paper and hang it on your wall.




12) Plywood Christmas Tree

Sturdy and pretty much indestructible. I’m in love with this plywood Christmas tree for modern white spaces.

Simply cut out a paper template like so.


Draw it on the wood, chop it out the shape with a jigsaw, and sand down the edges before you slide the two pieces together.




13) Christmas Memories Wall Tree

A great Christmas tree for apartments.

It could be full of memories from that year, touching moments of friends and family unable to join, or funny photos from over the years.

Keeping it black and white helps it to not look crazy, and lights make it feel special.




14) Christmas Tree Fabric

Ikea used to sell this fabric with a Christmas tree on it but you can still buy it online in some places like here.

Threading it onto a rod and hanging hanging a few favourite ornaments onto it like below is my favourite way to style it.



15) Large Branch Christmas Tree

A really dreamy feeling Christmas tree this one. While its not the normal shape, it’ll still feels special when you decorate it with strips of chiffon fabric and paint it your favourite Christmas colours. Great if you’re pruning a large tree because it’s gotten to tall.



16) Gathered Branch Christmas Tree

A slightly different version than the other wooden tree, and a bit more rustic feeling.

This one you simply need a 4×2 piece of wood for the centre and a lot of really good wood glue.




17) Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Bold, modern, fun, and something you can easily switch up every year.

Simply paint a large piece of paper (or some canvas) with chalkboard paint. Then get drawing and decorating. See the full tutorial here.



18) Fairy Light Christmas Tree

This space efficient but magical tree could go any size in any space. Check out the very simple to do tutorial here.




19) Danish Paper Christmas Trees

These are so pretty and beautiful and relatively easy to make.

I’d love to see them done out of a thicker, and A0 sized paper, which would make a tree big enough for presents underneath. Or could be created as a half and hung on the wall in 3d. Check out the tutorial here.




20) Wooden Christmas Tree Form

The below tree (which you can buy) could be decorated with anything and switched up easily each and every year. Follows are some ideas how.




I’ve been looking for a reason to create these fat crepe paper garlands. If you created them narrow at the top going to wide down the bottom they’d look beautiful draped vertically down the wooden Christmas tree form above. Or even just a tomato plant metal stand.



21) Honeycomb Ball Christmas Tree

This tree is fun! Love it for a kids room of the playful at heart. And is simple. Buy different coloured honeycomb balls in the same size and attach them to the wall. See the full genius of this tutorial here.



22) 3D Honeycomb Decoration Tree

You see these honeycomb paper ornaments everywhere. Imagine if you stacked them up with glue on one another. Or around a metal tomato plant stand to create a 3D Christmas tree.

Personally I’d go all paper balls or white snowflakes. It could be truly beautiful.



24) DIY Christmas Piñatas

I can completely see friends and family swinging at a big Christmas Piñata after the presents are done. Imagine the chaos 🙂

A bold green one like this would be beautiful hung low in a modern space with concrete floors and presents sitting underneath.


christmas tree pinata



25) String Light Christmas Tree

This one is a simple favourite. A board, some nails and one set of string lights is all you need for flashing merriment. Check the full tutorial here. And the matching christmas table inspiration below.






So regardless of your style, home, and safety needs theres numerous options to try. Which DIY tree do you love?

Personally, I love the simplicity of the last one. Thats why I used it as inspiration for today’s Christmas table inspiration. White on white with a slight bohemian vibe.


scandinavian style christmas

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